I could never get the kids to eat breakfast in the morning on a school day, a good amount of time is spent each morning trying to convince them to eat something before heading to school; coco puffs, chocolate muffins, Snicker bars, anything.  Just kidding. about the Snicker bar.  I don’t want them to starve before recess time.  Maybe something as colorful as these breakfast would do the trick? Don't they look amazing? 
Found here.


my vintage collection; salt cellars

These are one of the few "collections" I've got from the auction this past weekend. They will be in the shop this week although I may have to keep one and replace the small jelly jar I've been using for my kosher salt.  Being a shop keeper of vintage housewares you would think I have the best put together kitchen- I don't; I have a dozen mismatched drinking glasses I need to get rid of, and I’m using new as in non-vintage pitcher from Target, what is wrong with me?! You see, when I find something really nice and pretty I would rather list them in my shop than keep them or I'll hang on to them until their novelty wears off then they get listed. I do get obsessed with how my shop looks more than my kitchen obviously J


auction preview

I'm going shopping tomorrow, woohooo! -my most favorite part of this whole gig!  I went to the auction preview today and snapped some pics of the goodies. Wish me luck!!


happy Friday! and a giveaway

I'm already seeing the yellows and golds on some of the trees in my neighborhood, I love this time of year!

Find out more about Modish Vintage over at Gussy Has A Lot To Say and Sew and you can also enter to win a $50 gift certificate to spend in the shop! 



my vintage collection: 80's rainbow mugs

These collection of rainbow mugs mostly from the 80's were thrifted from Deseret.  I got them just a couple days before the kids 5th birthday which I planned with colorful rainbow theme which by the way was the easiest themed party I've ever planned.  I used them to hold candies and nuts and also tied a couple of balloons to used as centerpieces.  They will be listed in the shop soon.


my new toy!

So I had this huge box of library index cards I thrifted long ago that I didn't know what to do with until I saw these cute rubber stamps last week, then just like that my crafting mojo started kicking in.

Well, they came in the mail the other day and I just adore them!
Joann's had some sale on their ink pads and I got few in different colours.

My favorite is this birdcage; the index cards with my short note to the buyer will go in these... cute no?

These are just regular brown kraft paper I use for filler in my packages.  Stamped randomly with this cute doily stamp using a white ink and voila! an elegant gift wrap for almost any occassion.

With the holiday season fast approaching I thought it’s time to step it up a little in the packaging department.


Monday shop update

some cute, colorful and quirky addition to the shop this rainy Monday.

+ + +

My Google Analytics stats went crazy this past weekend, a big thanks to Megan from ReadyMade Magazine blog for featuring my reupholstered footstool. If you've surfed from there thanks so much for stopping by! Also a big thanks to Etsy for featuring my creepy hand on their Etsy Decor Finds blogpost. Thank you!


bookshelf porn

Ok, I'll admit that I tend to hang on to my books forever.  Unlike clothes or housewares, it's really hard for me to donate my old books; I still have my textbooks from college!

When I discovered this site showcasing all the books and bookshelves I thought I'd share it here and maybe we can all dream of finding that cute and unique bookshelf or better yet make our own pretty bookshelves to house our collections.

the last photo is just a reminder to read more books than blogs... but please don't stop reading my blog :)


DIY: reupholstered footstool

This is the first reupholstery job I tackled not too long ago; much to my surprise it wasn't that bad, I did it in one quiet night while the kids were fast asleep.

+ + +

When I first saw this sad looking footstool with some other odds and ends at the silent auction table, I thought it has some crazy potential.

It's the sexy brass feet that made me decide to bid up to $10 for it.

+ + +

So here's the step by step instructions on how I reupholstered it:

Step 1:  I unscrewed the brass feet, peeled the brown paper off the bottom of the base and took the old upholstery fabric off that was stapled on the round plywood base.

Step 2:  I pinned the old fabric to the new fabric I picked out for the project (which was a vintage heavy weight cotton in bright orange with paisley pattern) then cut leaving a half inch allowance.

Step 3:  I placed the new fabric over the foam (I used the same foam that was there as it's clean and free of any odor) and I stapled, stapled, stapled...

Step 4:  I covered a 2" button with the same orange fabric and thread it thru the middle...

Step 5:  I pick-out an equally colourful floral wall paper from my stash and glued it on the bottom of the base to cover the plywood.

Step 6:  Then put the legs back.

And there you have it a new reupholsted footstool!

+ + +


eight years!

Today hubby and I have been married for eight years and prior to that we have dated live in sin for seven years! Wowweee! we must be doing something right!  To celebrate I made him some blueberry pancakes this morning, then he drove me to Greyhound station to ship a package; afterwards he agreed to tag along with me to do some thrifting; then before picking up the kids from school we squeezed in a late lunch at my favorite Korean restaurant, then he offered to deliver the rest of my packages to the post office while I go home and relax. Not so romantic but a perfect day all in all.


shop preview; holloween home decor

I intended to have this holloweeny preview complete with spider webs and spider props I bought from Goodwill last week, but alas, I could not find where I put my props with all the stuff I have in my office and basement. I think a general cleaning and reorganizing is in order once again.

Here's some things that are coming to the shop this week. Old mannequin hand under glass; old stereoviewers; old pipe cleaner figures; silver and brass trays, collection of skeleton keys framed; glass candlesticks; shoe form; antlers; and a couple of old oil paintings.


my vintage collection; embroidered linen

This is one of those auction winnings I’m not very proud of, I mean these embroidered linens are gorgeous but I think I paid way too much for them.

$65 for a small lot of embroidered linens and added to that is the premium fee and tax, OUCH!

So why did I do it? I don't know, I really love vintage linens and I collect them and I just received my tax refund at that time I felt like splurging, added to my carefree bidding decision was the coffee and cookies I consumed before the auction started that got me all buzzed and pumped.   Yup, auctions can be really dangerous sometimes. No wonder I don't see the regulars from Goodwill at the auction, they know better.

These photos are just the good ones out of the whole lot, the rest has either stains or holes. Oh and I also won a small footstool for $10 with this lot which I reupholstered and sold for $75, so I guess it's not all that bad.