fabric sale this week

I am doing a major spring cleaning in my studio and will be having a fabric sale from April 30 thru May 3rd. Everything in my fabric section will be 25% off.

See more details at Modish Vintage shop.



C is for color!

or colour which is how I prefer to spell it..

Here's a few of my favourite finds this weekend...

I'm tempted to keep this magazine rack for the kid's room. It's old, it's chippy, it's teal and shabby, just the way I like it.

A round tin full of colourful skeins of embroidery floss...

A small ice bucket.. with striking design and colours...

Also found this nice piece of very colourful vintage fabric that would make a couple of nice pillow cases.

And lastly, this Orla Keily pear ceramic canister (sans lid) which I just adore for $2. It was a great Saturday afternoon of thrifting. As something Oprah would say: Jaaaaaaaaaackpooooooooot!


last week's auction report

Here's the rest of my auction finds from last week. I came home with two big boxes full of the quirkiest, most colourful and fun vintage items. The auction lasted for four hours and of course the best was always saved for last, so I stayed the last hour for the jadite housewares (still drooling from all of the eye candy as I type this) hoping to maybe win the ones I am eyeing on (wishful thinking), I bid but stopped early on, so glad hubby was there to restrain me from spending a whole months worth of grocery bill for the lot of 3 jadite canisters, which was sold for $300 (still a good price I think considering what a six jadite cups were going for on ebay)

nonetheless, I'm happy with the stuff I won and didn't break the bank

This old cigar box was filled with vintage yoyo's and was on the 'silent auction' table

I watched it like a hawk after falling in love with the ladybug yoyo.

There were many bidders on this vintage red spice set made of milkglass with red metal caps...

but darnit If I can't win the canisters I'll make sure to win these... and I did.

This pottery nativity set was also a "silent auction", also the what-was-I-thinking-purchase lot...

But for 5 bucks I guess it doesn't really matter...

I also won these lovely set of B Welsh pottery to add to my growing collection...

and as a consolation I got these 2 jadite mixing bowls

and some other odds and ends.

Next estate auction is next Thursday, I can't wait!


weekend in pictures

We had the most gorgeous weather here in Seattle this weekend; Saturday was beautiful and what a better way to spend it than a visit to downtown Pike Place market...

...where you can dine alfresco by an alley eating copious amount of humbow (first stop is always at my favorite humbow place for some barbeque pork humbow) while watching a street entertainer... and snapping photos of random strangers (I love this girl's colourful outfit I had to snap a photo)

where you can find rows of the most lusciuos and freshest produce Seattle has to offer...

... and witness some dead flying fish, apparently the market's main attraction (there are about 25 people surrounding this guy snapping photos of him and his fishes)...

...picked up a bunch of orange tulips to brighten a room for a few days for a mere $10...

... dollar and a half carousel ride and some pink cotton candy..

and what's a visit to the Market without rubbing Rachel the pig's snout for some good luck before heading home.

It was an enjoyable day indeed.

*first photo via Flickr


vintage desk calendar galore

desk calendar anyone? I will be listing these perpetual desk calendars in the coming weeks. This is a small preview of what I won at the estate auction last night. More sneak peeks next week.

Happy Friday!


snack time

Despite a terrible migraine yesterday I managed to stopped by a local thrift store after dropping the kids off to school. The quick 20-minute shopping yielded some neat finds of which centered around 'snack time'.
I found these lovely set of peach lustreware eggnog cups (I know they're eggnogg cups because they were sitting next to a matching large punch bowl with 'eggnogg' written on it with which an older lady inconspicuously grabbed the bowl while I was loading my cups in my cart, the nerve!)

Check out the beautiful rose imprinted on the bottom...

Then I found this olive green retro thermos by Alladdin with lovely details.

And this set of four clear glass candy dish with ruffled edges. You may also call it a bon-bon dish if you want to get fancy.

Last but not the least, an adorable wooden cheese tray with a wooden mice! Which makes snack time fun and appetizing all at the same time.

Bon appetit!


new obsession: jadite kitchenwares

So I have been obsessing about jadite kitchenwares since I thrifted these Fire King mugs a week ago. They're in mint condition at .49 cents a piece. When I returned home I checked Ebay just to see how much they were going for these days and found these set of 6 jadite mugs currently going for $220 and the auction is not over yet.

They seem to be the hottest collectible vintage glassware at the moment. In my many hours of thrifting, there are only a handful, actually twice that I came across jadite glassware. The ones I see in the antique shops or antique mall are priced over the roof and I certainly could not afford it. I can't believe how expensive they've gotten over the years and acquiring these at reasonable price to resell is very dificult.

I'm keeping the mugs and will be the start of a collection. I'm trying really hard not to stalk ebay to look for deals, but as any seasoned collectors would say; collecting takes patience and discipline. And persistence of course, which reminds me I must find a babysitter by tomorrow to visit the estate sale this Thursday to which they apparently have tons of this stuff, I can't wait!


bountiful Easter

Easter egg hunts are over and sugar high has begun. Despite of the chilly/rainy weekend the kids managed to go to three egg hunts since last weekend and have been munching on treats. Sunday was pouring rain so we stayed in...on a good note my taxes are done! Now I can concentrate on the more important things... estate sale this Thursday; must. find. babysitter. now.

Speaking of treats, what a treat to find my items featured on The Storque this weekend. Thanks so much to TeenAngster and Christine for including my candle holders and magazine rack. You guys are awesome! Thank you!


hoppy Friday!

'twas a great week altogether, I did an early spring cleaning of sort the other day which started from the deck to scrubbing the kids outdoor toys, laundry, getting all the old junk I don't need to donate this weekend (this month Goodwill is giving a 30% coupon each time you donate something), and I even did some yard work. Now if I can only sit and finish my taxes once and for all without getting distracted. I'm such a procrastinator.
happy Easter everyone!


just another "spring is here" post

We've been having an unusually nice weather here lately; bright, sunny and warm since the last weekend, even too warm for spring. I got so excited about the weather yesterday that I abandoned my big plastic tote full of stuff to photograph and set out to clean the deck and washed the kids outdoor toys. When they got home from school they were thrilled to see their old toys and demanded to eat their dinner out on the deck.

I also gathered their sandals, flip flops and summer clothes for the season.

Washed and put away the heavy blankets and pulled out the cotton sheets.

Stopped at Walmart to get some essentials and picked up a bag of bird seeds so we can make this tomorrow.
It's amazing what a person can accomplish in 3 hours without kids at their beck and call.
oh, Spring please stay here for good?!


teal or no teal?

I've noticed I have been finding many items in the shade of blue lately. Though it's my least favorite colour, I love the shade of teal.

I was delighted to see this cute treasury by wallwork (where I borrowed the title of my post) today with my teal creamer in it.

Here's some beautiful blue vintage items that will be listed soon...
mid-century blue dish

vintage tins

and of course some that are already listed and up for sale here
metal tool box

Swingline metal stapler

Dansk enamelware lidded pot

fondue pot

spray mister
P.S. Today is your last chance to enter and win my grand giveaway here!