sneak peek: mid-century modern

Here's a sneak peek of next week's shop update. Lots of interesting mid-century homewares, I will also be listing a couple of modern furnitures though I am a little nervous about the shipping part of it, I've never really ship any big furnitures yet.

Hope everyone's enjoying the rest of their long weekend off. As for me, I chose to stay close to home, as both kiddos are under the weather. This is my third weekend in a row to the ER, eek!


if it looks like a duck...

...and it's vintage and cute, then I usually scooped them up when I spot them from thrift stores. There's just something about ducks, birds and owls that I'm drawn to and have since noticed a small collection was starting to pile up.

Here are some recent duck additions to the shop.


natural inspiration

These are the beautiful colors that surrounds my home this time of year. I don't spend very much time in my yard, I wish I could; the backyard is bare and could use more plants. Each time I drive by the garden center I always daydream of building a romantic garden with a pond in the backyard with a couple of very old cast iron benches and a couple of swings. I love that my yard is very low maintenance, and all the trees that was planted blooms alternately all year round. The front lawn has been invaded by green moss which I much prefer anytime than a regular lawn grass. And the clematis is climbing up all the way to my bedroom window on the second floor.


sneak peek: for the nursery or kids room

This update is something I've been wanting to do for a long time. Since I mostly list grown up vintage housewares and home decor, does not mean I don't often come accross many cute vintage items for the little ones. I've recently acquired two big boxes of vintage ethnic dolls and set of eight colourful midcentury baloon prints that I just adore and they will be listed in the shop next week, they would make a perfect addition to any vintage inspired nursery or kid's room. So please look for these items starting Monday.


Monday shop update: something for Dad

I was able to gather some manly man items in my storage room yesterday, took photos of them and listed them today. They're up in the shop right now, I think they would make a great one-of-a-kind present for the special dad out there.

weekend find

this is my street sign, and no I didn't steal it. I spotted it yesterday haphazardly thrown next to the stairs by our backyard. After I secured the thing in my storage room; I proceeded to ask dear hubby where he'd found it, he said from the shed while cleaning this weekend for the party and just forgotten to put it in the box bound for Goodwill. So naturaly I gave him the third degree about checking with me first before donating anything, also gave him a quick lesson on industial decorating, and as I always do with a new found treasure; declared a price tag. I wonder what other treasures he had disposed of without my knowledge since we moved in this house five years ago?


rainbow birthday party

The kids had so much fun yesterday, the rented bouncy house was so worth it, the kids kept busy jumping all afternoon, between snacking on cupcakes, cakes, sweet treats and potty breaks. The weather was gorgeous and many of their school friends came to celebrate the special day.



Jovan Sofia

Kids, they grow up so fast. This is Jovan and Sofia on their first day at NICU, they were premie babies born at 33 weeks at a combined weight of 7 pounds.

This is them today, this morning actually; giggling and having their traditional birthday cupcake breakfast. Since it's a school day, hubby and I volunteered to make some tacos and bring some yogurt for their friends at school and read a couple of books.



Just a quick hi before I take my little short break. I'm not going anywhere, just doing some nest fluffing, tackling some of my overdue to do list and preparing for my twins fifth birthday this weekend.

I will still answer convos and maybe list a few items but won't ship any orders until the 17th. If you need expedited shipping just email or convo me thru the shop.

No sneaky peeks this week too, although I'm currently working on a big shop update for the wee ones, I guess it won't happen towards the end of this month. But for now, enjoy the rest of your week!



Happy Mother's Day!

My mom does not use computer, she doesn’t even know what a ‘blog’ is, but I just want to give her a shout-out here on this space for being such a wonderful mom and grandma for Jovan and Sofia and for always being present for us her kids. This was a photo of my mom, me and my little brother circa 1975.

I am planning on cooking for her today, help her put some curtains up and some wall decor (she just moved into her new apartment) and just visiting with her all afternoon.


sneak peek

Just popping in to show you what's coming to the shop next week. Things are pretty busy here at the homefront hence the sparse blog postings as of late. I'll be listing lots of items this coming Monday and Tuesday and will take the rest of the week off. I will still have the shop open but won't be shipping any items until after the 17th.

Happy weekend everyone and happy Mother's day!