Sneak peek! Vintage holiday trims and decor

Here's a small preview of what's coming to the shop next week, lots of vintage holiday decor, trims and holiday gift ideas. Plus a BIG SALE NEWS on Monday November 1st. Please check back for more details!


beautiful mess

I'm loving the beautiful mess the colourful leaves creates on my driveway.  This morning I spent a couple of hours sorting, cleaning and polishing my recent finds.
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I changed my shop banner last night and I'm a little nervous about the change...but happy.


holiday decor inspiration: silver and white

I think these photos pretty much sums up how I want to decorate my home and  fill my shop this coming holiday season.  Scanned from the recent issue of Better Homes and Gardens.


shop update; bags and shoes

I am updating the shop with some handbags and shoes, I know not the usual fare but I did some organizing in my closet and some things are taking up some valuable space.  Don't worry I am not turning the shop into a boutique, it is not so easy to list these stuff, ball of the foot? insole, what is that? Anyhoo, the bags are listed, shoes next. 


my vintage collection: B Welsh Pottery

These B. Welsh pottery collection is one of a few collection I have hang on for many years. I just love the simple design and the warm earthy tones and the fact that they were made by a Pacific Northwest artist more than five decades ago right here. I have actually purchased the whole lot (except for the pie plate bought from Goodwill) from an estate sale many years ago for about $20; back in the days when estate sale organizers are more laid back, no lines at 7 in the morning, when pushy collectible dealers were non existent. I miss those days…

[Bennet Welsh was born and raised in Gresham, Oregon and had a 50 year career as a potter that started in the 1940's. Welsh was the first potter in the Pacific Northwest to work with high temperature stoneware. He founded the ceramics department at the Portland Art Museum's school now called the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Welsh retired in 1984 and passed away in 1998. The company that he founded Pacific Stoneware is no longer in existence, which makes his pottery that much more collectible]

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P.S. I have re-opened my fabric and supplies shop and plan on adding more vintage fabrics in the coming days, I just can't pass up a cute fabric when I see one on my many thrifting trips.


sunny pumpkin patch

Sorry for being MIA, but I got hit with a flu the past week and have been staying in bed, I am on the mend though and plan on taking photos and list new items this afternoon. This weekend we took the kids and their cousins to the pumpkin patch and spent half of our day there; eating roasted corn, finding the perfect pumpkin, riding hayride, and just enjoying the unbelievable sunny weather.


my vintage collection: illustrated nutrition books

Can I just tell you that I ruffled someone's feathers by winning these... it’s a box full of vintage nutritional books from the 50’s sitting on a silent auction table.  Towards the auction closing there was this lady-a regular, "guarding" a section of the table- yeah I know your tactic, well I have a tactic too, it's called "excuse me, I need to go by here and check this box out, can I do that it's a free country afterall, thank you!" then I wrote my number while the auctioneer is doing his countdown.  You should have seen her face, awkward! but she probably won the rest of the things on table so I didn't feel bad....just a little...let me tell you it does get wild and crazy (and comical) in there during the last few seconds before the auction closes, it's a real adrenaline rush. 
This one is my favorite out of the whole bunch; the illustrations are so adorable and very colorful; it is about a little boy asking for his milk and the mom telling him the journey from the farm to his table. It’s a little book commissioned by the National Dairy Council in the mid 40’s. I have scanned the pages for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!



shop preview: industrial decor

This coming week I will be listing industrial objects in warm earthy tones in browns, olive and greens. I'm so excited to list this old post office sorting cabinet with drawers that I recently won from an auction, also on the list; an old industrial stool, metal filing boxes, wood boxes and crates, wood military box and much more!

And speaking of auction, you know how I love going to these things, I'd go more often if I can, but sadly my favorite auction place in Seattle only hold one auction per month, but for those of you who haven't been into one and curious how it all works now you can see the fine points of auction in action in an upcoming TV show called Auction King on Discovery channel which premieres this 26th of October. I can't wait!


it's starting to look a lot like... holloween!

I must got bitten by the decorating bug, because last night after I tucked the kids to bed I dug my old autumn wreath from the shed and hung it outside my door this morning; then I shopped in my basement a.k.a. inventory/junk room for some holloweeny items and set to work. Here's a peek of my living room, but first here's what it looks like outside my home this gorgeous autumn morning...

while I was hanging the wreath noticed this huge spider web outside my door... how appropriate!... and the Japanese maple is glowing beautifully by the entrance.

This wreath was an after holiday sale from Michaels many years ago, I think I only paid a couple of dollars for it.
I don't like the mantel too cluttered and only put a few brass items, ceramic owls, candelabras, a ceramic pumpkin and silk garland (nothing like fake orange garland from Michael's to make the room a little festive)

For the table centerpiece I found an old silverplate tray and added some gourd, fake leaves and a mannequin hand.  I also found a couple of clear glass candlesticks and tied a black velvet ribbon around them.

I love my crocheted tablecloth (thrifted from Goodwill for $4.99) which also resembles spider web...

Gourds makes a strong and festive bookstand (my mobile office upstairs by the kitchen).  There you have it, hope you like this little peek...I know I'm a little shy about showing much of my home but if you have a wall to wall carpet like I do then you will understand... someday I will have wood floors, someday...

Now onto the more important task; finding a costume for the little ones! 

So, do you decorate for Holloween?  If so, what style? Is it the general fall theme like pumpkins, gourds and leaves or more like spiderwebs, witches, skulls and bones?  


this week's project in pictures





well, well, inspiration struck again (which seems to be happening more often since the kiddos went back to school, yay for school!) and yesterday I finished some collage and will be up in the shop sometime today.


my vintage collection: travel grooming kit

Don't be fooled by the boring leather cases; inside each one of these are pretty yet totally practical grooming accessories anyone should have when travelling. They'll be in the shop sometime soon!


sneak peek: mid century modern

Here's a small peek of what's coming to the shop next week, come back and check out my new listings starting Monday.