Modish Vintage is 5!

Modish Vintage has been on Etsy for 5 years! To celebrate this special occasion, we would like to offer our fabulous customers a 20% discount on their purchases anytime from now until Sunday! There are lots of gift items for you and your love ones, and we will be adding more items all throughout this week.

Also all purchases made by the 17th of December are guaranteed to arrive by Christmas!


mantel inspiration

I was browsing a favorite blog the other day and came across this space by Camille Price.  When I saw how she decorated her mantel with red books I knew this is how I wanted my mantel to look for the holidays.  

 here's a photo of Price's mantel; I love the sort of messy, overstuffed but balanced look.  

and her living room

and here's what I did with mine;

and my living room

the rest of my antique books

first two photos via isuwannee


Modish Vintage & FAB

Modish Vintage will be on FAB.com today at 4PM. Here's a preview of some of my favorites. You can find the rest of the goodies here.


for the love of the granny

So I remember this post from a distant past realizing that I do have a thing for granny; granny chic that is.  And I still do, a little, though my taste changes from time to time but I just love the colorful nostalgic look not to mention function of these vintage crocheted afghans, don't you?  Well, I recently thrifted a mountain of them just in time for the colder season.  And I already picked a couple for my sofa and my basement chairs and save the most colorful ones to list on my Etsy shop.  Most of them are in very good condition, uniqe and so warm...they are priced just around $30 or less.  You can check them out here.


recent thrift finds

Well hello there!
As you may have noticed, I have been absent here.  I've been unmotivated to blog lately partly because I've been busy scouting vintage treasures for my Etsy shop and also for Fab.com for the upcoming holiday season and also I felt like my 'thrift finds' posts has been redundant and I can't come up with fresh new topics to post, so instead of blogging here I have been instagramming my finds. I think I love it more for it's ease of use - I take a quick picture with my phone, add a cool filter and finish with a caption or one liner and done. Not much thinking or planning and over thinking whether to hit the publish button or not for everyone to see. So I've been loving instagram, and been posting my finds there lately. If you don't follow me there, the photos above are my recent finds in the last couple of weeks.  I will be using IG for now and will take a break from blogging so if you want to see what's happening you can follow there at @modishvintage of course.  Happy autumn everyone!


sale preview on Fab.com

It's that time again! Modish Vintage will be on Fab with a huge offerings of select vintage wares starting Monday September 17. And guess what, you don't have to sign in on Fab's website anymore just to browse their sale unless you're placing an order.  Here's a few sneak peeks of my vintage finds that will be listed.


ten years

Today R and I had been married ten years.  Seems like ages ago and yet I can still remember all the details of our wedding like it just happened yesterday.  I was so smitten with Natalie Cole's song I played it over and over leading up to our big day  and also used it on my wedding video.  Thought I'd post it here to commemorate the day.


first day of school

Today is the kids first day of school.  Both are entering second grade. They told me they are both excited and nervous and I've been reassuring them that it’s ok to feel that way. I on the other hand is having the same feelings I felt back when it was their first day of kindergarten. Anxious, excited for them and sad all the same. Last night my little guy said “I will miss seeing your face mommy” it seriously melt my heart. And Sofia said she misses me so much when it rains and she’s stuck at school.  So I told them today I will go out and look for a locket for each one and put a photo of me so that they can "see" me whenever they feel lonely at school.  Sigh, kids… you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.


weekend finds

Being that my favorite auction place only holds a general auction once a month, I've been having serious withdrawal to find and buy stuff lately; this weekend I drag my whole family to a small antique mall to look around and pick stuff I can afford.  One booth has a big moving sale and I scored the items pictured above.  The blue fan works wonderful and surprisingly quiet, I used it all afternoon in my office yesterday.  The pig cookie jar was also a cute find and I just love the shape and the color of the creamer and sugar dishes.

Hubby is developing a keener eye for my mid century taste and spotted this beautiful teak coffee table that has a couple of spots on top greatly reduced from $100 to $30. We took it home, he sanded the top and refinished it, and now it looks like a million bucks - or more like 400 bucks :) .

A happy Monday indeed!

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