Inspiration struck yesterday and I gathered and cleaned some vintage frames and had the kids sat on the table to sort my vintage stamps by colors (btw, if anyone have somekind of a sorting job call my kids, they'll do it for free). 

I've finished a few collages and should have them listed next week.


from me to you...

Just a quick note to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! 


holiday decor

We went light with the holiday decor this year, I got a three-foot fake tree from Goodwill for a couple of dollars, strung some lights and a few ornaments on it and called it a day. I love the two vintage wreaths pictured above (also found at Goodwill) and put them in my living room along with the stockings.  We also hang some of the kids artwork on the wall. Simple is good.


pressed flowers

thrifted a few weeks ago but can't seem to let them go yet. There's something very romantic about these pressed flowers. When I was in high school I remember getting very excited finding pressed leaves and flowers from books I used to borrow from the library. I collected them in a small tin box and eventually gave them away to a friend when I left home for college.


seeing green

lately I have been drawn to the color of green, particularly sea green.  I have been finding lots of green colored items in my recent trips to the auction and thrift shop.  Here are some recent green addition to Modish Vintage.


taking a break...

to blog about;

- this snapshot of my basement turned shipping central this week.

- yesteday I packed boxes after boxes the kids think I am playing Santa this Christmas

- this morning while getting ready for school my son could not find his coat and turned to me and said "mama did you sell it?" 

- yup, I have been the accused each time something goes missing in my household

- I am taking a full day off tomorrow

- wishing all of you a happy first of December!