customer appreciation give-away

As promised here's another fun giveaway for everyone. It includes the following:

A bundle of vintage fabrics with ten different patterns in different colours at about half yard each.
Most are 100% mid weight cotton (and one seersucker).

Some of this cute fabrics you can find at my new supply shop Sew and Restore.

They would make nice little pouches or totes or any kind of small projects.

A cute strawberry floral tin can in very good condition.

Great for storing tea bags, buttons, small treasures.
And two white lotus bowls.

Here’s how you can win:
  • Visit Modish Vintage or Sew and Restore and comment about your favorite item.
  • If you mention this giveaway on your blog, leave a second comment with the link for an extra chance to win.
  • If you twit this giveaway, use Facebook or any other social networking site you may enter another comment with the link.
  • Please include a way to reach you in your comment so I can email the lucky winner for their postage address.
  • I will pay for the shipping within the US, International posters are welcome but has to pay the shipping, sorry.

This giveaway ends on Thursday (July 2) at 10:00 p.m. EST after which I will pick the winner using random number generator.

Thanks and Good luck!

Comments closed:
I will be announcing the winner soon...
Thanks for playing along!

give-away sneek peak

I will post the details tomorrow (or tonight), please check back!


summer food

Except for a torrential downpour Sunday afternoon, the weather has been nice this past week. The kids are on summer break and we have been enjoying the warm weather, picnics with lots of fresh fruits from the farmer's market. The kids can't get enough of the watermelon, they request it everyday for a snack. I've also been making some homemade bubble tea pinoy style, very refreshing drink. On the weekend I tried Giada's watermelon fruit salad recipe minus the amaretto, it was delicious and easy to make. Hubby loved it and felt extra special that I made it with his favorite juicy pork chops and broiled asparagus. He didn't mind getting up early the next morning to do some errands for me. It's all about the food ladies.


mid-century modern interiors

This Flickr's group has the most inspiring collection of mid century decor photos. Speaking of interior design, I just stumbled on this funny blog last night and couldn't stop reading and laughing.
*all photos are from Flickr


vintage scarves

When I'm out and about doing my thrifting/yard saleing, I sometimes come upon some really nice vintage silk scarves that I just couldn't pass up. I personally don't wear scarves, but I love collecting them and will be listing some at the shop soon. Besides using them as neck or hair accessory, they can also add an interesting look when tied onto a purse or use for belt or sash.


Etsy milestone

I finally reached a personal milestone and sold my 1,000th item on Etsy this afternoon! A goal that seemed too farfetched when I first started here in April last year, when I was waiting everyday for the first two weeks for that first sale to happen. When I sold my first item, I was thrilled beyond words and that has kept me going eversince. So thank you to all who supported my shop, I am very grateful for it everyday.
Edited to add;
And to celebrate and show my appreciation, I plan of another special give-away which I will announce here in a few days, so stay tuned.

yard sale fever!

I love summer! The backyard barbeques, visits to the park and lakes and most especially the weekend yard sales! I didn't go very far to find these lovely things this weekend, we had about ten different yard sales and one estate sale just within two blocks of my home. Many are junks but I also found a few little treasures that just makes me happy and maybe to some of you too, so if you want please look for them in the shop in the next few days.
Oh, and I will be posting another give-away contest soon to celebrate the little milestone at Modish Vintage. Thanks to all the wonderful customers who bought from me, I am nearing my 1,000th sales. And to everyone who hearted my shop, my heart swells with 4,027 hearts as of today! Thank you so much! Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna have me a piece of cake for breakfast and some coffee.


sneak peek

Just some of my favorite finds that will be popping up in the shop soon... hope you love orange!


plates on the wall

I was so inspired by these beautiful plates on the wall..

and put my first three plates up couple of weeks ago... (middle one purchased at jenandjake of Etsy) and in search for more cute ones.

*first three images from Flickr