Holiday Sale at Modish Vintage!

  • Buy anything at regular price and get the second item (of equal or lesser value) for half price!
  • Additional $5 discount on every $100 orders! 
  • Discount does not apply on shipping charges, but will always combine shipping whenever possible.
  • International buyers are welcome; please convo or email me for shipping quotes as most items are listed with domestic shipping rates.
  • The sale starts NOW and ends on Tuesday, November 30 at midnight PST.


shop preview and SALE notice!

Hello! Just a quick post to show you some of the new vintage items that will be listed in the shop starting Monday.  In addition, I will be offering a huge CYBER MONDAY discount that will run thru Tuesday November 30 until midnight.  Please check back on Monday; sale starts at 6 a.m. 11/29!

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving to all and thank you so much for visiting this space!



well, I got my wish a little early, looks like we're going to have a white Thanksgiving. The snow poured in yesterday and the kids have been home from school, they played in the snow all afternoon yesterday and today they're bored out of their mind.  The streets are frozen with ice and we can't go anywhere, I think we'll put the tree up and decorate it tonight. 


free gift wrapping at Modish Vintage

I will be offering a FREE gift wrapping for smaller items on my shop starting Monday.  So if you order from me and wish your item gift wrapped all you have to do is state it in the note to seller. 

The box I'm using this year is a red box with gloss finish and matte interior; item is wrapped with white tissue paper and box is accented with white ribbon and a small white sticker to write to and from. Items that qualifies with free gift wrapping will be noted on each listing as well.

Oh and I started my holiday shopping this weekend and so proud of myself! I'm not too thrilled of battling the crowd on Black Friday, so I'm starting a bit early and hopefully be done well before Christmas Eve :) Have you started yet?


no longer a virgin...

... in treasury making that is!  This morning I curated my very first treasury after being on Etsy for 2.5 years!! yay me!

View my masterpiece here (hahaha)


weekend find

Today I am starting a blogpost series I will call "weekend find/s" where I'll show you a favorite find from a thrift store in my area from previous weekend.  I love to go to auctions, but it's only being held once a month, so to relieve my need to go junking- I go to my local Deseret or Goodwill whenever I have time on weekends.

this past weekend I'm excited to find these set of four silverplated animal goblet from Goodwill.  At first glance I thought they were bells but they stand on their heads, how awesome is that! When I got home, I searched the internet and found similar ones on ebay for a grand?! Speaking of awesomeness, you know you got something really awesome in your shopping cart when a few shopper just can't help themselves but to stop on their tracks, gawked, touch and feel the items IN your cart. I don't mind the staring, but touching it?  "Um hello sir, you are invading my privacy by touching the items inside my cart, I am afterall holding the cart so you know it's mine right?"  ok I am probably overly sensitive but still, it's just strange.

They're cute little cups to sip champagne from and equally cute with some candy canes; sure to add some festive decor in any room.


my vintage collection: decorative eggs

As you may or may not know, I loooove estate auctions, I'd go weekly if there's one around my area, but lucky for my bank account and for my small abode it's only once a month, otherwise I'd be broke with a house full of junk (read treasures).  But really where else would you find large lots of a specific vintage item available up for bids like these big crate full of antique notary seals, or a large tin can full of vintage thimbles and just last week a large basket of vintage decorative eggs?! Perhaps in your grandmas attic, certainly not on ebay or Goodwill.

The photo above is a small part of an egg collection; the set was too big so it was divided into five lots. I won one of the smaller lot.  The collection was from a consigner who’s not even a dealer but just a big fan of eggs.

Below is an arty photo of my daugher showing off the handpainted jade eggs.

They will be listed in the shop sometime soon.  Hope you're having an egg-cellent day! sorry I can't help it :)


googled and found

I have a confession; every once in while when I'm bored and curious, I Google people's name and mine (ok only my shop's name, my real name is off the grid on Google) to find out what is being written about my shop.  The other night I couldn't sleep got up at 3 am and did just that... lo and behold saw a link with my shop's name and my photos on a glossy spread of  this magazine.  Yay, I love Google, I love you more Scout Magazine!



Since running an Etsy shop I learned to let some things slide around my home.  Some chore has been drop to the bottom of the list; for instance I don’t do the dishes after every meal, I do ‘em all at once at night or the next morning when there’s abosolutely no more spoons to use for the cereal. I'm also fine doing the laundry only on weekends. Washing and drying I don’t mind, it’s the folding of small garments and putting away 100 pairs of socks that drives me craaazy! I only clean the house once a week, or when someone's coming to visit.  Yeah, our house is not as immaculate as you think it is dear visitor, in fact 90% of the time it looks more like this...- clutter everywhere.  This is the current state of my home this morning.  My dining table is full of stuff that's either needs to be clean or photograph for the shop. 

The mantel is right next to the spot where I take pictures and is very convenient place holder, sadly it is also the focal point of my living room. 

The USPS boxes came in last week and they’re still parked by my entrance.  And once in a while at night when I pass by to get a glass of water in the kitchen, I freak myself out, thinking someone's standing on the corner of my dimly lit entrance door.

And some odds and ends on another corner... but as you've guessed, I have way more fun blogging about my messy home than actually cleaning it :)

Happy Monday everyone!!



image via AshleyG

So a scary incident happened yesterday; my kindergarteners were drop off a few blocks away from their usual bus route and they were lost for almost twenty minutes and had to find their way home, the culprit was a substitute bus driver who totally missed to stop at their regular bus route.  Luckily another boy, not from their class but takes the same bus remembered where we usually pick the kids up and he walked them over to that corner where my husband and I were waiting panicked.  Thank God for the little boy who guided them home, and that nothing bad happened to them.  My little girl who thinks riding the bus was the best part of going to school is now traumatized by it and begs me to pick her up from now on.  This morning we are going to have a meeting with the principal  and the DOT. 

+ + +

And since I am on the topic of hero and being thankful today, I thought it would be the best time to thank the following bloggy friends for posting great word and shout-outs for Modish Vintage these past few days.

Many, many thanks ladies, you are my heroes!!


my vintage collection: handmade Vintage Christmas ornaments

I hope you guys are not too tired of my Christmas decor posts yet (in November!) It's just that it's my most favorite time of the year and you know what, where I was born (Philippines), people actually start decorating as early as September 1st, which is why they're known to have the longest running holiday season around the world.  As soon as September comes, streets are decorated with colorful lights, trees and lanterns, as well as Christmas carols played all day long most especially in the big city (Manila).  As a kid growing up I remember getting that warm and fuzzy feeling as soon as the first day of September comes which means I can put the tree up and decorate it with my brother.  Writing this post just now, I can almost hear the sounds of the carolers and smell my mom's bibingka cooking.

Anyhoo, I will be listing this pretty handmade ornaments to the shop this week and also today is the last day of my Modish Vintage's Sale!


Fall Sales Event at Modish Vintage

Hello! I couldn't wait to list all the vintage Christmas decor I found earlier this year so I've listed a few and there will be more coming to the shop in the next couple of days.  I'm also running a "Fall Sale" for three days and everything in the shop is on sale including already reduced items. 

here's the details:

  •  Buy anything at regular price and get the second item (of equal or lesser value) for half price!

  •  Discount does not apply on shipping charges, but will combine shipping whenever possible.

  •  International buyers are welcome; please convo or email me for shipping quotes as most items are listed with domestic shipping rates.

  • The sale starts NOW and ends on Wednesday, November 3 at midnight PST.

Happy Monday !!