a reminder


A little reminder (for me that is). Sometimes my time can be sucked into reading blogs instead of everything else like reading books. Found this cute little bookmark here.


30 days of happiness: 21

happiness is...




Saturday 9.26


~gorgeous Saturday afternoon in Seattle

~picnic at a newly found park

~walking along the marina and

~drawing hearts on the sand.



I found these adorable lusterware tea set yesterday and couldn’t wait to photograph them. They look and feel so delicate like an eggshell and they have the most lustrous and vivid colours on them. I will be listing them in the shop next week.

tea set3

tea set4


tea set7

tea set6

tea set5

tea set2

tea set1

teaset 11

tea set 8


30 days of happiness: 20

happiness is...


...cooking up a new recipe (pasta primavera) for the first time and getting a great result (like good as in everyone-went-for-seconds-and-scraped-the-bottom-of-the-pan-clean good).

Being that we’re not big pasta eaters, everyone loved it, the kids even ate the veggies. I got the recipe from a magazine while I was waiting in the dentist office the other day. I made it last night. It’s meatless and I added some portabello mushroom, asparagus, carrots, red bell peppers, grape tomatoes, parmesan cheese and a squeezed of lemon just before serving. And Bam! Yummy, light, healthy pasta dinner, I’d say great alternative if you’re tired of the saucy pasta recipes.


Cathrineholm eye candy

I'm still elated about my Monday finds that I am delaying listing the bowls. I love, love Cathrineholm and any good designed enamel housewares but can't bear to actually use them, so they will just be parked somewhere in my basement with the rest of my junque if I decided to keep them. I think I'll just wait till I win the lotto or something so I can fly to Finland and shop at this store and buy every enamel housewares they have, and then I can renovate my kitchen to house all my precious finds. In the meantime you can join me in lusting after these photos of unique Cathrineholm designs I found while surfing the web last night.


*All images are taken from Chow blog.


30 days of happiness: 19

clematis leaves

"It's surprising how much memory is built around things unnoticed at the time" ~Barbara Kingsolver


hello autumn, my most favorite time of year!


yesterday's highlight: thrifted enamel bowls

enamel bowl


enamel bowl2

so my Monday didn't really started on the right track; one kid woke up with a tummy ache, the other one was giving me a hard time and stalling on getting dressed for her dental appointment. Items need to be pack and ship and I didn't realized there's only half gallon of packing peanuts left in my garage, not much working time alone for myself, and I missed to make a couple of important phone calls! So after all the appointments and just before picking up Jovan from school I took Sofia with me to my favorite thrift store near my house and there I found these two enamel (Cathrineholm and Finel) bowls. together. like next to each other. and not one soul near or around where they were sitting. and I was like. O.M.G. (you know that feeling). So anyway, yeah a nice ending to an otherwise stressful Monday.

p.s. Please look for them in the shop soon!



30 days of happiness: 18

happiness is a day at the fair


There’s always something innately magical about being at the fair. The roller coaster rides, the games and cute stuff animal prizes, a wide array of deep fried foods (saw a deep fried chocolate covered bacon this weekend), ice cream, gigantic burgers and fries, etc. It’s the next best thing to Disneyland really.


This weekend we took the kids and my nephew to a state fair, the weather was nice and we spent a whole afternoon eating, waiting in line for a couple of rides, petting some livestock, more eating and half the time explaining to the kids why there's no way we're going to buy a $15 Dora or Diego baloon.


At the end I gave in and bought each of them a bubble gun instead, which my son later used to try and get this cows attention and the woman behind him (silly kid).


When we got to one side of the park we decided to ride the cable car to get back to the other end. The ride can only fit three person so I rode with the kids and my husband and nephew went to another. Of course I was a nervous wreck and started thinking of hundred and one ways something is going to go wrong and we're all going to crash and die, of course nothing bad happened and the kids really enjoyed seeing all the attractions from up above. (sigh) Parenting undeniably made me an uncool and paranoid mom I am sure.


We had some cheesequake burger (they're huge), fries, and some shaved ice, sorry no pictures but I thought this was cute I sneak a photo of this lady having snack with Mr Tiger.


And just before heading back, I lined up for ten minutes to get one of this, because it wouldn't be complete without having one buttery, sugary elephant ears to go.

It was a great day overall, despite the fact that I am now paying the prize for eating all that junk food.


30 days of happiness: 17

happiness is...

...the almost-ready pears in the backyard.

...thrifted dress-up clothes for the kids at a dollar each.

...finding the last melon ice bar when you're really craving for one.

...a sugar treat for my sweetie after a day in school.

...her even sweeter smile.


30 days of happiness: 16

happiness is to see the kids all "grown up" and going to school, gosh, time do surely go by fast...

first day of school

first day of school

first day of school

yesterday was the kids first day of preschool, Jovan had a tough time at the beginning, he didn't want me to leave, but by the time I picked him up he couldn't stop talking about how much stuff they did and fun he had with his new classmates. Sofia did surprisingly well and just blended in with the kids in her class. I'm so proud of them!


seven years

Our first dance

seven years ago today my husband and I got married. It was one of the most special days of my adult life. Though there are certainly highs and lows of being married, I can honestly say that each years that passed I am finding something much deeper than happiness in our relationship-- contentment. Here's to many many more years!


30 days of happiness: 15

some things that are making me smile today...




...my Friday find; a beautiful 1950s Royal typewriter with a cursive font. I took it home and started typing and to my surprise could not find the exclamation point (!) key. After some googling, found out that it's a combination of three strokes; you have to type a period, a backspace and the apostrophe. Wth! Talk about a serious carpal tunnel syndrome at the rate of how much I use it!


other happy thoughts....

~a promise of a small package in the mail

~listening to my boy singing while he's working on a puzzle

~playing hide and seek on our backyard

~the smell of fresh cilantro (having tacos for dinner)

~and looking forward to some R & R with my honey this weekend.