on being frugal

So this post would probably sound a little contradictory to yesterday's post about me obsessing a two hundred dollars shoes and handbags, but a girl can dream right? And it will be just a dream unless I win the lotto or something.

But anyways, one of my many resolutions this year is to be more frugal. I live a frugal life now in my own little ways, but I know there's always more room for improvement. So last night as I was making dinner and hubby was hovering around, I casually told him how amazed I am at some family who can survive a $40 a week grocery bill. I said yes, I so want to be like that and I want my partner to be more thrifty too, like maybe cut back on those energy drinks...he agreed and told me he started being frugal too by cutting back on his deodorant. yup I married a funny man.

A year ago when the economy was on its downturn I became more serious on thinking and applying many ways to squeezed in that almighty dollar, every penny counts when you have two mortgages to pay, one rental with a vacancy for half a year, one income and two energetic kids who loves to eat. So I thought I'd list some things I do now to help the family.

~The only time I go to the mall is when I take the kids to the play area when outdoor weather is dreadful.

~I never pay retail for anything unless they are the bare necessities like undergarments, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush and I always look for the generic kinds and the ones that are on sale. Today I saw a bagful of Spring soap bars at my local thrift shop, they were sealed, but I draw the line there.

~I cook meals everyday

~Eat the leftovers

~Prepare hubby's lunch to work.

~Grocery shopping only 2-3 times a week (this dept still needs a lot of work)

~Eating out twice a month and making sure dinner is not over $15/plate (I know there's still plenty of room for improvement here)

~Mostly my home decor, kitchen wares and most of the kids clothings are all thrifted or gifted.

~I never buy clothes from the mall or boutique. Most of my clothes are thrifted.

~I've given up the idea of an iphone, I dicontinued my cell phone right now just because I stay at home more than I am outside, but I think I'll just get a pre paid one sometime soon.

~I stop buying shoes and purses of course unless they are no more than five bucks from Goodwill.

~I bundled up my internet, landline and cable all together for $99 per month.

~I only get the basic cable.

~I combined all our auto, home, rental house insurance to get all the discount I could get. And I opted for a higher deductible with a lower premium.

~I clip coupons.

~I shop at (gulp) Walmart, there I said it.

I am still looking for other ways to tighten up our spending without compromising a lot, if you have any tips I'd love to hear them! Besides cheap is the new cool right?

oh and these shoes; do you believe in the power of suggestion? I do, because I found these pair of red Bastad clogs from Goodwill yesterday afternoon for $5.99 plus a 20%employee discount from my mom (she works for Goodwill btw)

really how many red clogs does a girl need anyway?


vintage junkies in the making

I think my kids adores vintage as much as I do. They love to take part in the whole process...

from our series of thrifting adventures...

to photography - they love to get their little hands on everything...

to cleaning and testing to make sure everything is in good working order...

and sometimes modelling...

but with things piling up around my house, it may likely be the opposite. They may grow up and start a blog like this and develop high level of mental anxiety which may result in years of adult theraphy. hahaha!


Monday shop update!

I have been noticing the lack of colours in my shop lately so I picked some colourful kitchenware to list this rainy Monday. They're all in the shop for purchase if you want to take a look.

set of 2 jadite cup and saucer
set of 4 coffee cups with flowers and butterflies

set of five ceramic tulip bowls assorted colors

set of 2 Cuoroc melmac plates black with floral pattern

large ceramic tulip bowl in teal

vintage metal can with elongated spout

vintage yellow ceramic creamer or vase

set of 3 pink depression creamer, sugar bowl and butter dish


vintage home decor trends

I'm no interior designer or anything like that, I decorate my home with things that makes me happy, mostly thrifted items and things that I make. Since I started Etsy 1.5 years ago, I noticed there seems to be a trend with vintage home decor. Here’s what I thought were the hit in the last couple of years and still quite popular today, I think owls are here to stay though.

owls ...

big letters and numbers...

how about those perpetual calendars...

then antlers became the thing...

huge pull down maps and school posters...

then came the arrows...

any ideas what would be the next big thing?

photo credits:






on bribing my husband; shop update

Though my husband is very patient about my hobby- (treasure hunting and almost daily thrifting) I still need to bribe him from time to time to drive me to go to thrift shop and estate sales that are far from our home. I am a bad driver and only know how to drive within 10 miles around my house and he’s a great driver and knows his way around everywhere.

This was a conversation we had last weekend on the way to Home Depot for some paint and blinds.

Me: um honey, can we stop by at myfavoritethriftshop just for ten minutes?

Him: didn’t you just brought home a carful of stuff yesterday?

Me: yeah, but I may find something interesting there today you never know.

Him: hmmmm…

Me: whole case of Rockstar? (he’s addicted to Rockstar drink)

Him: OK! (his expression was so funny, like a deranged addict who finally will be getting his fix, Iwas laughing so hard)

Bribing him with his fix so I can get my fix, it all works out great!

here are some manly man shop update:

vintage toxic flask

vintage round glass flower frog - large and small

vintage metal tobacco humidor - ship

vintage metal owl coin dish or trinket bowl or ash tray


shop sale!

In hopes of clearing some items and making room for the new ones, I am offering a discount at Modish Vintage shop for the remainder of this week (1/20 - 1/24)

All items including newly listed ones and items in the collectibles section are now on sale!

Buy 1 item; receive 10% discount
Buy 2 items; receive 15% discount
Buy 3 items or more; receive 20% discount

Just type in "JanuarySale" as coupon code on the check out page.


wacky pillows

Sometimes when I follow links of readers/commenters on my blog I find some real gems of bloggers out there and some cool post that I get the urge to repost it on my blog just to break the vintage everyday vibe that my blog is turning into. So today's post was totally vintage unrelated and stolen from this reader of mine. I just thought it's so funny not to share it. It's all about unique crazy looking pillows;

fresh salmon pillow without the fishy smell...

sushi pillow

pillow you can wear on your head so you'll be ready anytime anywhere you feel the need to snooze.

pillows that resembles stones, something to freak the heck out of your overnight guests.

dream pillows...

how about this PILL-ow...

and this bloody pillow, spooky!

Upon googling further about "cool pillows" found that there was post about them with the links where to purchase them.


the small details

For the past few days, I’ve been hard at work at re-shooting my items for the shop. I don’t mind at all, in fact I do enjoy taking photos of my items now that I have a permanent place to photoshoot. No more windowsill, although I get amazing bright photos on it, it just wouldn’t cut it anymore I needed to step up, after all the photos are your product is the mantra I often read in the forums. I love the new gray paint which is the new background and the sun filled corner I’ve just discovered. It’s the only gray wall in the house for now…and I may have to do the whole room sometime soon.

I’m also loving my new macro lens and I find myself more drawn to details, the F/1.8 feature is just what I need in this rainy and cloudy Seattle weather.

Here's a few of the small details in and around my home...

pincushion in my sewing studio, turned storage room...

my newly thrifted red bakelite flatwares is a perfect match to my Swiss Chalet bowls...

and on the outside, my front yard is still looking green even in winter months...

and I just adore the moss that's covering most of my front lawn, trees and rockeries.

That is all. I will have a big shop update early Monday morning...please check back!