weekend finds: starburst clock, garden owl, sailboat model

So this weekend I got the worse case of sunburn, I took the kids for a little picnic by the beach on Saturday and the weather was gorgeous. I forgot to put any sunscreen and when we got home I started itching, like I'm-going-out-of-my-mind itching, it was horrible.  The shower I took made the itch even worse and all the calamine lotion, aloe, vinegar and all kinds of potion I applied on my face and neck was not working.  The next day I was just going to stay home but hubby persuaded me to go to a swap meet then to an antique shop next to it.  I'm so glad the itching subsided by then and I was able to enjoy a little shopping and felt lucky to have found these cute finds; an owl figure made of rusty metal, a sailboat model and I think I may have started twitching and itching in excitement when I spotted this awesome starburst wall clock for a mere $24.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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dotty birthday party

I was meaning to post some photos of the kids birthday party a week ago but got busy with work; this weekend I finally edit some of them and here they are. I was inspired by a dotty party theme by SAJ when I thrifted a box full of dotty pink cards from Goodwill; and as I suspected it was an easy theme and a breeze to plan.  Dotty cakes, dotty balloons, dotty cupcakes, ham and pepperoni pizza, gumballs and a jumpy house and the kiddos had so much fun.  


lost and found

Don't you just love it when you had forgotten about a Goodwill bag full of stuff you had thrifted weeks ago then it magically resurfaces under a pile of stuff under a desk while you're cleaning your office because you just bring way too much stuff that sometimes you just don't have time but pile them in a corner to be sorted and listed later and when you finally open the long lost plastic bag you're all WOW! these are so cute I've been looking for this! and felt like you just found a new treasure for free?

I just found these tiny little things in a bag under a pile of other stuff this morning and they will finally making their way into the shop.


weekend find: Arabia teacup and saucers

Hello all, I missed posting here last week, I had a bit of a hectic schedule this past two weeks and couldn't find the time to post any new finds though that is not to say I haven't been hauling new finds every week.  These set of Arabia teacups was one of my fave finds this past weekend. Aren't they so dainty and so pretty? They're made of porcelain and the cutouts are very thin and transparent; they kind of glow when I place them next to my window to photograph. I've seen them somewhere before online but have yet to research the pattern. When I spotted them on a box lot in the silent auction table I know I have to have them. They may stay with me for now until the novelty wears off :)

Do you have any favorite finds lately?


instant collection: small lidded treasure boxes

I am a sucker for teeny but pretty small boxes, so when I saw these lot on yesterday's auction I just have to have them.  I might stare at them for a few days or weeks and then list them in the shop.


work in progress

This week I don't have any new finds to show you but I do have a new WIP project I'm working on.  In between taking pictures, listing and planning for the kids birthday I started sewing again.  With that said this is the current state of my dining area. Mess everywhere. I won't even show you the other corner where my living room is, where stacks of trunks and chairs has pretty much taken over the other corner (new inventory to photograph).

Last week while cleaning my storage and sorting stuff, I once again found myself yearning to make something out of my precious vintage fabrics.  I picked and then laundered my favorite ones and will be making pillows to offer in my shop; they will be lovely, summery and colorful. Stay tuned.