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I've been tagged by the lovely BananaIceCream, so here it goes...

Each blogger has to reveal 7 random facts about his or herself.People who are tagged have to post the rules.At the end, I have to choose 7 people to tag.I then need to leave a comment for each person who has been tagged, telling them that they are "it".The "taggee" needs to then leave a comment for the person who tagged them to read your list.

1. I am a mommy to the cutest, smartest, most adorable 3-year old boy and girl twins.

2. I love to eat vanilla ice cream with avocado. Yumm-o!

3. I am a germ freak. I carry antibacterial in my purse everywhere.

4. I am almost always late to appointments, which makes me very consistent.

5. I collect Hummel figurines (no I’m not a senior citizen nor do I watch the “Guiding Light” reruns).

6. I’m never a morning person. I love to stay up all night when the kids are in bed. I list things in my shop, I pay bills, surf the internet, read blogs.

7. I love cooking.

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lonesome icicle

I just wanted to share this photo I snapped as I was getting out of my driveway this morning. My hubby left a hose trinkling overnight and it formed an icicle as the droplets of water came down. It made my day, despite of it being a chilly Monday morning.


lovely treasury

What’s better than being in a treasury? The treasury you’re in getting on Etsy’s Front Page! And signing in on your site once more before turning into bed and seeing it right before your eyes. As I am typing this entry my Mikasa cups are in Bubbletime’s treasury on the Front Page!
Awesome! With the views discouragingly low this past couple of days, this is just what I needed. Wheee! Thanks so much to bubbletime for including me in her fresh and lovely treasury.


mixed fruit kitchen décor

Do you love fruit décor? Strawberry, apple an pears? Well I do, there’s something so charming and cheerful about decorating with fruits especially with apples. I heart apple décor. I’ve collected and sold many apple decor in my shop and some I regretted selling, like these set of apple tin canister.

You can turn any dull country kitchen into a charming, and very inviting place by simply adding some colourful apple canisters or a strawberry jar, a dish towel, bowl, trivet or salt and pepper shaker with fruit patterns on them. And Etsy is a great place to buy those unique, one-of-a-kind vintage fruit décor (ahem, like my shop) .

If you want the total effect of country style decorating in your kitchen, add some curtain with gingham check pattern in red or yellow. Of course what is a country style room without some wicker baskets, rustic throws, handmade quilts and pretty decorative plates to add charm and colour.

Whether you are going for a country, cottage, shabby chic, French country look or simply a modern contemporary look, you can’t go wrong with adding a few colourful apple or fruit décor for a lovely finishing touch.

Please look for these items at Modish Vintage soon!!


sunny days are my most productive days

It’s been nice and sunny the last couple of days and I have been photographing like crazy. I live in the Norhtwest where it’s cloudy, rainy and overcast most of the year. And when it’s sunny and bright like today I had to put everything aside on my to-do list and take pictures first thing. Spring must be right around the corner because the bluejay is back in my backyard. He usually comes around much later like late February or March, but he was here today and I got to take a picture of him.

On another note, I am really excited to reach my 600th sale this weekend, which was a great milestone for a small hobby that turned into a full time job. So to celebrate, I treated myself to this...
A small tough ruffle zipper purse by madebyhank. She has the most lovely, original, handmade bags I've seen on Etsy.


orange: love it or hate it?

I always have this love and hate relationship with the orange color. Although I never owned and never wear any apparel in the shade of orange, ok I do own a pair of shoes that was bought on a whim when a big shoe store was closing in our local mall and everything was 90% off, so I thought why not, new pair for $5, can’t beat that, well it’s still in a box in my closet for almost a year now. I guess I’m just too conservative and would rather prefer red or brown over orange when it comes to clothing attire.
BUT. I love collecting home décor and fabrics in bold, intense, bright, eye-popping, traffic-stopping shade of orange. Nothing gives me a jolt of excitement and pure adrenaline rush than finding that perfectly working orange mid-century lamp in the corner of my favorite thrift store, undiscovered waiting just for me.
Or the seven plus yards of super cute floral fabric in bright orange! This actually made my heart skipped a beat, seriously.
Or the giant juice or coffee carafe of some type that looked like a genie’s bottle.

And all the small little orange stuff I found last week.

What about you? do you love or hate orange?

P.S. please look for some of these orange goodness in my shop soon...


vintage tin galore

Looking at pretty vintage tin containers give me so much joy. They’re so adorable, charming and has so much character. I love to collect them, so much so that they're taking over a whole section of my storage room. Every time I go thrifting, I always managed to spot a tin or two and buy it. It’s an obsession much like my fabrics.

I mainly used the ones I decide to keep for decoration, but of course they could served many uses like storage for buttons, stamps, coins, etc. or re-use them to store homemade cookies, candies and cakes for gift giving. Some people have ingenious idea of turning them to switch plates and outlet covers. Very creative but I don't think I can do that to my precious tins, just like my fabric collection, they’re meant to be looked at and adored, not to be cut.
I haven’t sewn anything in ages, this thrifting business is keeping me from my sewing machine lately. So for now I just gaze at my fabrics which sat perfectly next to my tin cans.

Look out for some of these tins soon to be listed in the shop!


on my nightstand

Lot of David Sedaris books I won from Ebay not too long ago. One of my many resolutions this year is to try to read more books and ease a bit on reading blogs. I first read Me Talk Pretty One Day a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. His collection of essays are so original and interesting and some just laugh out loud funny, he has a way of telling ordinary stories funny and extra-ordinary. I'm sure I'll enjoy these as I did the first book.


something quite wonderful happened yesterday

So I have to confess I have this abnormal addiction of constantly checking my views and hearts in my Etsy shop at least once a day (btw, hearts represents people on Etsy, either buyer or seller who love your shop and put you on their favorites), ok I do check it about ten times a day maybe more. It’s the first thing I do in the morning and before I go to bed at night.

Yesterday I got more hearts than usual so with further investigation found out my Dansk pitcher was featured on Storque article by TeenAngster. Thank you TeenAngster! Please check out all the wonderful vintage housewares featured on this article. Hurray for free promotions!


some of my great finds from today

Set of vintage light blue and white Bopp Decker Juice/coffee Pitcher with four cups.

A pair of graceful solid brass swan.

A group of pretty carving antelopes. (I already have the one with the baby listed in the shop, but just found three (3!) more of these with perfectly unbroken antlers. Today is a lucky day! Please look for them in the shop soon!


corners of my home

I love this corner by my front door because not only does it look elegant and Victorian, everything in this picture is less than $50 bucks. $47 to be exact. The lovely mirror was salvaged by my husband many years ago from an old house ready to be torn down, which was free. The marble wall shelf I bought from a local antique shop for $45 (which I thought was ridiculously over priced but I bought it anyway because it's perfect with the mirror) and the brass candelabra was from Goodwill for two dollars.

I have managed to decorate our house with some of my favorite things mostly from thrifting used décor and furniture. I’ve become one of those people that just unconsciously brags about how much they’ve spent for an item, for instance, someone will compliment a print on my wall and I will instantly blurt out just how much I got it for, like, “I GOT THAT FOR TWO BUCKS FROM GOODWILL!” which I presume they don't really care to know. Probably not, but I'm still proud of it, I feel really good acquiring stuff that have so much history, character and beauty for very little or next to nothing, and to be given a new life and purpose is an extra bonus.


I'm ecstatic!

So I woke up yesterday with a convo from a very nice fellow Etsian informing me that my vintage watermelon bowl made it to the front page! What a lovely surprise! Thank you so much to Gubfactory for including my item in her wonderful treasury, which led to additional 36 hearts and two sales! Yippee!