another flower vase post

Can I still talk about vases, I promise this will be the last one-- for this week :)... So what I haven't shown you from this weekend's haul was a couple of the Fiesta vases I won from the same auction; one was in my favorite shade of seagreen and the other one was black.  I had a mini freak-out when the auctioneer announced that I won them for $25. 

I love Fiestaware and the color on this vase is just gorgeous but I really didn't know what's their value. I cleaned them to their shiny state this morning then went to the trusty ebay and searched the completed transaction for Fiesta vases,and saw this one just sold for $950, NINEHUNDREDFIFTY!, (major freak-out!) it has the same color, same size and design. 

I think I'll hang on to them for now and maybe list them on Ebay sometime in the future, I don't know yet, I usually list the higher-end stuff on the other site as they don't do too well on Etsy for some reason.  So yes, it was a very surprisingly fruitful weekend indeed.


more pottery vases

I went to an auction this past weekend with three things in my mind; spring, flowers and the blooming camellia tree on my backyard.  When the auction was over I found myself carrying four large boxes of these pottery vases to my car; I think I may have overdid it this time.  Needless to say these will be in the shop sometime this week.


sneak peek: white pottery vases

This past weekend I bought a huge lot of these vintage white pottery vases and I just love them! Now they are on top of my mantle waiting to be photograph individually and listed in the shop sometime this week.


sneak peek...

Framed silhouettes and small collections of vintage things will be appearing in the shop throughout this week.  You know where to look for them :)

Happy Monday!


yellow composition

Can you tell what these photos are of? If you thought they are a close up shot of a very cold beverage you are right, it's beer!  I've come across Burcu Avsar site via desire to inspire and was instantly captivated with his images.  This is one of his project where he wanted to capture the beauty and texture of beer which he did just so.  Check out his amazing still life and interior images here.


some changes

I made a few changes here in the ol' blog and switched back to the two column which seemed less cluttered and easier on the eyes. I've also changed the banner and fonts; if you have been visiting here for a while you know I don't usually settle on the same design for a long time so things will still be changing here in a few weeks, the gray is not really working for me I need some colors, although I am currently trying to decide on a font that I will stick to for all that is related to the shop and  right now I am torn between futura, garamond and palatino.  What's your favorite font?


shop preview: bright colors

Small preview of colorful things that are coming to the shop starting Monday.

Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment. - Claude Monet


insect prints

A couple of weeks ago I found an antique agricultural book at an auction with a bunch of these neat looking insect prints, I think they would look great framed and hung in the kids room but I have yet to ask my son's approval who hates bugs and not quite over yet with this Care Bear stuff toys.  But aren't they cute?


close up

The sun was out yesterday so I took advantage of it while the kids are at school and shoot like 500 photos for my shop updates good for the next couple of weeks.  In addition to the vases I mentioned yesterday I will be listing more vintage original paintings and prints in the coming weeks.  I have been getting lucky finding some interesting ones lately.  This particular seascape painting is my personal fave, it's so realistic I could almost hear the wind blowing and the waves crashing.


black and white

Since we are on the subject of beautiful vases from my previous post, I want to show you the black and white vases that are coming to the shop next week.  

They look so nice all grouped together like this don't they? I'm tempted to keep them but I don't think they will go with the rest of my home decor, I'm more of like teal-red-orange kind of person when adding colors into my home. But black and white is a classic and versatile color scheme and everything goes well with it and the fact that they are all the rage right now (black wallschalkboard everythingblack and white furnitures), you can't really go wrong.  So please check back on Monday for these if you are into black and white or pretty vases :).  And happy weekend!



I came upon this new, up-and-coming vintage Etsy shop 1001vintage the other day, (thanks to the awesome MMMC for her post and connections) and have gone back many times perusing their pages and checking new items.  The shop is based in Amsterdam and is full of well-selected modern pieces home d├ęcor and lighting, they have the most gorgeous vases to die for, it was really hard not to click on most of their items and placing them in my cart  to purchase. 

See for yourself.

The shop keeper also have the most amazing home/studio to boot.  All photos via Herman Miller blog.