my vintage collection: porcelain ginger jars

It's been a while since I posted a vintage collection of mine. While I tend to buy bigger pieces these days, I also get super excited to find small collections of pretty treasures that strikes my fancy. These small floral ginger jars were an auction find this past weekend. It was the only small items I got and the rest of my finds were too cumbersome and too big to take pictures of.  I found some metal trunks, metal shelves and desk for my office and of course a few paintings, lamps and chairs.  You can find these sweet jars in my Etsy shop this week.


dark finds

Dark and moody was certainly the theme of my antique shopping over the weekend. While I normally pick bright and colorful objects it was the black items I was drawn to from an antique shop I went to on Saturday.

So there’s this new shop I recently discovered who had a “haggle sale” over the weekend, and I went there on Saturday to haggle, or more like made small awkward talks to the dealers and let me just say that haggling should only be done via online (like make an offer on Ebay) where you are not to see the person’s facial expression, cause let me tell you haggling can make a very tricky and uncomfortable conversation.

I picked up a few things (pictured above) and only realized I had mostly black items when another customer commented if I am decorating a room and how interesting it will be with all the black items I am buying.

P.S. This post is linked to ATG's Thrift Share Monday.


outdoors in

it was hailing just last week and then this morning I woke up to find the trees in my backyard blooming; the camellia, magnolia and the pear tree. I cut a few of the white delicate pear flowers and scattered them around my dining area.



vintage apple canisters

T'was sort of a long week last week, spring break snuck in. So much work was put on hold.

Enjoying my second cup of coffee after dropping the kids off to school. Silence is golden.

I am not even going to attempt to start my taxes now.

I need to find the extension form.

The kids are turning seven in less than a month and they want a puppy for a present. Decisions, decisions.

Why are deadlines have to be around their birthday?

Hang my laundry outside to dry, feels like spring is finally here.

Happy Monday everyone!


lamps r us

I know, not another lamp find post right? but I could not help brag about these two ship lantern lamps I recently thrifted. I think they would look awesome in a rustic or nautical inspired room. Both will be for sale on an upcoming Fab sale next month.


treasury inspiration

It seems like 99 percent of convos in my inbox consists of treasury notifications. I try my best to comment but mostly I quickly open the links and move on, but on some occassion I get very inspired with some of the beautifully curated treasuries such as this one enough to create a blogpost out of it.