my vintage collection: Hummel bells

If you must know what possessed me to collect these, you can read the first installment of "my vintage collection" post here.


what was I thinking?!

I must have been sleepy, confused or something.... how did I end up with this today?! I do not know.  On the otherhand I found some real gems today from the auction and will be listing like crazy in the coming days.


sale notice and auction preview

Hello there! First of all I just want to let you know Modish Vintage is having a SUMMER SALE this weekend Saturday and Sunday (June 26 - June 27). Everything in the shop including already reduced items will be 25% off the marked price. You can purchase an item and I will refund your Paypal or you can convo me for the adjusted invoice before purchasing.

Now onto the photos from Friday: 

Despite of a lingering headache yesterday, I got myself out of bed, took the kids to the park for a bit and squeezed in an hour to preview an upcoming auction, I even managed to take my camera this time and snapped some pics to share here. I’m glad the clerk was really cool and let me take as many photos as I want, though none of them came out great.

After uploading the photos I realized I took more photos of chairs than any other items there.  I have a thing for chairs.  I wish I can buy all the pretty chairs I find from auctions and thrift stores but alas my home is full as it is with other junks so I let a lot of old lovely chairs go. 

I'm in love with this aqua swivel desk chairs though so I will try and bid on them.

I love that blue chair too, I think it'll be cute as photo prop.  Oh and those white metal step stools, love!

Also found a mountain of wooden crates, really nice dinnerware set, antique steamer trunks and lots of children's vintage books.  My head is still spinning from all of the wonderful eye candy. 


my vintage collection: watercolor paintings

This stack of watercolor paintings was actually a surprise instant collection I got from an auction not too long ago. Surprise because I didn’t even know I won them until the next day when I unloaded the van and did the inspection. They were tucked on the bottom of large Rubbermaid plastic tote that has few old magazines and a couple of old glass door knobs I had my eyes on and was sitting on the silent auction table.  No one was interested on the plastic tote apparently because I was the only bidder.  I love this kinds of surprises!

Here are a few of my favorites;


sneak peek: pops of color

Here's just a few colorful vintage items coming to the shop next week. Happy Friday everyone!!


new home; vintage wooden doll and vintage painting

There's nothing more satisfying as finder and seller of vintage than getting those positive feedbacks from my customers who are truly excited and happy about their recent purchase/s. Getting a photo of the sold items in their new home is a bonus. Here's a couple of recently sold items from my shop to which my sweet customers had taken their time to share photos of their vintage item in their new home.

This little wooden doll was purchased by a favorite fellow Etsy seller who has the most lovely things and photos in her shop. Her little doll collection is just as adorable!

The vintage painting and the orange vase was recently purchase by a return customer in NY who was delighted to find the floral painting that will go with her recently painted seafoam-green hallway. Perfect match I'd say!

I'd like to post more of these in the future; if you bought from me and want to send pictures, you can send me a convo via my shop here or send me an email at rncfernandez[at]msn[dot]com. Thank you!


my vintage collection: majolica plates

This next collection of mine started out on a whim (which is really the case for most of my collections). I was once leafing through some home d├ęcor magazine at the library looking for some inspiration just after moving into our new home. I came upon a page showing a vast collection of majolica plates displayed in a large antique china cabinet. Suddenly envisioning my dining room looking the same with a vintage china with large groupings of Etruscan shell and seaweed pieces; I went home and prowled Ebay and then antique shops hoping to start a collection; later found a couple from Goodwill and Ebay for a good price. But finally conceded they are collector items for the wealthy and I stopped after just about half a dozen pieces. Here is the extent of my collection. They are currently tucked away in a storage cabinet in my basement until I figure out where to diplay them.

I swear I collect things with the most impractical and silliest motivations.

when: I started collecting in 2005 when I moved in to our new home.
where: bought a couple from Ebay, one from an antique mall and a couple from Goodwill.
keeping or selling: keeping and finding a wall to display them.


my vintage collection: metal, plastic and wooden letters

Here's the second installment of my vintage collection (this photo shows only a small portion of what I currently have right now), which will also serve as a sneek preview for what's coming to the shop next week.

When: I thrifted these assortment of letters from about a couple of months ago, it seems like they're popping everywhere I go.

They don't really go with the rest of my home decor, but they seem popular right now so I will be listing them in the shop soon. Actually next week!

Where: I got them from a few different places, some from consignment shop, Value Village and some from the auction.

Have a great weekend everyone! See you back here on Monday!


my vintage collection: Hummel figurines

With my constant keen desire to hunt and gather, categorize, share and brag a little, I am starting a blog post series here that I’ll call ‘my vintage collection’. Much like the genius project of Lisa Congdon, except it won’t be a daily post because goodness I don’t know where and how does a person keep and store such a wide assortment of collection? And I wouldn't especially collect something like this or this as I wouldn't know where to keep them and why for that reason. Ok, I shouldn’t talk because I do keep a pretty good size collection of stuff myself.

So, once or twice a week I will post a photo of a vintage collection in my possession. It could be things that I’ve had for many years and plan on keeping or previously thrifted items that will be listed in my Etsy shop.

Either way I will state the when, why and where of the collection being featured. I figure since I can’t really keep everything that I find from my daily thrifting, or have you come over for a tea or coffee to see my collection on display the least I could do is display them here by posting an image of the collection that I am lucky enough to get my hands on.

So welcome to my first “vintage collection” post; today I am featuring my Hummel collection.

When: I started collecting Hummel when I was pregnant with my twins. From 2004 and lasted thru 2006, budget was tight and I couldn't afford them anymore plus I moved onto collecting different other vintage things.

Why: I was smitten by how adorable they look and how they make the room feel so cheery and warm, and I was nesting at that time so they seem to look even cuter.

Where: The very first one I bought was from an estate sale (it was a girl sitting on a fence, aptly named Just Resting with Full Bee marking), and right away it piqued my interest. I started bidding on Ebay and going to estate sale that advertises Hummel figurines. I started paying closer attention to the markings on the underside and only bought the ones with full be markings. I was determined to dominate the exciting world of Hummel collecting and even bought a few books about the subject.

Keeping or Selling: I’m keeping them and maybe passing them on to my daughter someday, that is if she doesn’t think they’re too lame...haha!

I’d love to hear what you are gathering and collecting these days, please do share!


lacy afternoon

I only had an hour left before picking up the kids from school this afternoon and still had to do the usual errands; post office, library, grocery shopping so I told myself no stopping to the thrift shop today, besides I have been spending a lot on auctions lately. As I was approaching the thrift store on the way to the post office made the split second decision to stop in anyway, yeah I know I'm sick but I'm glad I did, I found a huge bag of vintage doilies, and not just junk doilies, many of them are really pretty and old. On the otherhand, were having mac n cheese and chicken nuggets for dinner, I'll do my grocery shopping tomorrow.


sneak peek: vintage tabletop

I am liking the look of a mismatched tableware lately. There’s something very elegant and whimsical (sort of Alice in Wonderland) in mixing thrifted plates with sweet floral patterns, same with teacups and saucers, and mismatched old silver flatware, silver teapots and trays in their perfectly tarnished patina.

Last week I “won” a whole box of old silverware from a local auction and they have the most adorable pattern so I thought for next week’s shop update it will be all about vintage tabletop. I will be listing a mish mash of tarnished serving pieces and flatware, old tablecloth, silver plated serving trays and candelabras and a couple of painting.

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for all the comments on my previous posts and for visiting this space, even though I have been MIA most of the time. Everyone is on the mend, I had a chance to do some house cleaning yesterday and washed all the sheets and blankets, vacuumed and sanitized and as I typed this I’m airing the house to get rid of the germies.