hello sunshine

The auction this weekend was fierce.  Lots of competition with the same interest on things I really want  and everything pretty much went too high above my set budget.  I didn't find any vases, nor small knick knacks but I won a few big pieces of furnture; three tile top tables, a teak dining table, two chairs, an office cabinet and a few table lamps.  Here are a few smaller items I came home with and will be listing them this week.

one of the Catalina tile top table I won

On other note, today is very sunny, I felt compelled to spend it outside rather than in my office. What to do?

Hope you have an equally sunny Monday morning!


vases on my mind

image source unknown

It's been a while since I've gone to any auction, a month is a long time for me and I am itching to go to one this weekend.  Hopeful to find some pretty old things and beautiful vases like these pictured above (image from my inspiration folder). 

Also I am having a sale this weekend, just because. It will be the whole shop including newly listed items and items already marked down.  Please visit Modish Vintage when you get a chance, the sale starts at 6 a.m. tomorrow, Saturday.

Have a great weekend!


two things

Two things I won from last week's auction, where I spent two hours of school night with my little girl who was ever so patient to sit with me in the auction just doodling and reading her book. Was it worth it? yes it was, I love the lamp.


happy hearts day!

happy valentines day!

a few nights ago I got some craving for some sour cream pancakes (minus the banana) and made them for our night snack. The kids enjoyed the heart shaped ones I made and requested that I take photos of them with it before chowing them down.


DIY: vintage fire extinguisher lamp

Chairs, lamps and enamelware are on top of my mental list to look for when thrifting or antiquing.  Last year when I spotted a pair of vintage fire extinguishers I thought, LAMP! it would be so cool to turn these babies into lamp!  But like any other projects, it always seem daunting at first but the process was actually quite easy.  So this past weekend, with the help of my husband I added two awesome lamps in my inventory.

Materials needed:
  • vintage fire extinguisher
  • lamp kit (available at Home Depot or Lowes)
  • drill

1. Clean fire extinguisher and drill top center for the socket to go in, this particular one has a little tiny cap on top, so I didn't have to drill into it, I just unscrewed the metal cap off the top.

2.  Install electrical kit and drill a small hole on the lower back of the can to be able to thread the cord through that plugs into the wall.

3.  Add a light bulb and a shade (I borrowed this shade from an old lamp) and there you have it; a handsome looking lamp to add a bit of industrial charm to any room.