happy new year!

Wishing everyone a happy, wonderful & fabulous 2011!  Thank you so much for visiting this space; your comments and for letting me share my excitements over my many vintage finds.  Thank you!


year-end sale!

Modish Vintage is offering a 25% discount on all items, now thru the 31st of December.  Just enter the coupon code: YEAREND2010 during checkout!


happy holidays!

Just a quick post to wish all of you a very merry Christmas!  Today we are doing the last minute gift wrapping, a little bit of baking and squeezing in last minute handmade gifts to wrap.  Enjoy your holidays!


my recent chair finds

I found these set of chairs about a month ago and I know they won't go with the rest of my room decor on the main floor or in the basement but I bought them anyway.  If you must know I am a chair fiend; modern, industrial, early american, retro or just plain weirdo (interesting), I really don't care I love all old chairs equally.  So I found these olive green chairs at the auction and was amazed at their condition for being old and all,  the original upholstery are all intact, free from tears or any stains and the wood is just gorgeous, I had hubby stained them in dark mahogany and they turned out beautiful.  They are also very comfortable to sit on and so well made.
Anyhow, as with furniture and in this case chairs, it always takes longer to list them for the fact that they're big and a challenge to photograph and also the notion of letting them go is enough good reason to procrastinate listing.  I wish I have a big house to accomodate all the pretty chairs I come accross with on my many auction trips (sigh).

I was able to get some decent shots of them yesterday and they are now listed in the shop!


last minute gifts under $25

I love Etsy's new 'circle' feature; it somehow gives me some comfort on slow days to see people were actually browsing in my shop hearting my items, and putting me on their treasuries.  Also it's a great way to find what others in your circle are favoriting. Here are a few things that were hearted by some cool peeps in my 'circle'.  I think they would make a great last minute inexpensive gift, all $25 and under.

awesome calendar found here
pretty pillow cases with modern and retro flair found here

a dozen soap samples with nice use of cute Japanese masking tapes found here

and this neat poster found here

And if you're still looking for just the right gift for that special someone, there are 95 items in my $25 and under section at Modish Vintage shop.  There are various little things there for everyone!

Happy Monday!


elephant parade

These adorable little elephants have made quite a trip so far; from the home of a collector or a consignor to last night's estate auction; they are now marching their way to the shop this afternoon.

three favorites...

...and here's an interesting Feng Shui principle about elephant decor  that I've read from Simplified Bee:

"For good luck, protection and strength to the household, place a statue of an elephant, or a pair of elephants, at the front door," advises Asian Feng Shui in an article on Feng Shui Elephant Tips. "When elephants are used in such a way, they are referred to as “Elephants of Many Blessings.” These elephants should have their trunks facing upwards as that represents prosperity, good luck and victory, although elephants with their trunks facing downward represent longevity and conception. The direction of the trunk can affect the chi within the space, so it is important to choose an elephant that will bring about the energy you wish to have in your household or office."


holiday decor

This will be the first year since the kids were born that we won't have any big tree in the house. I don't have much space for it in our small living room upstairs. Since I photograph my items almost everyday, having half of the room clear from clutter is a must. To compensate hubby placed lots of lights outside the front yard and the kids and I chose colorful holiday decor; no theme just wild mix of colors.  I also used a small tree as a centerpiece and another ceramic tree on a side table.


orange you glad it's Monday?!

I am! For many, Monday is a start of dreadful work week; for me it's a beginning of a quiet, peaceful productive week in my home sweet home.  Thank goodness the kids loves going to school too! win-win! so yeah I love Mondays!

And I'm loving the color of orange. Here's a few brightly colored home decor that I've recently added to my etsy shop this fine, quiet morning (some were added yesterday)!


say it with canisters

A previous customer had inquired about the junk canisters I sold in the past, so I searched for more canisters and found these black enameled ones; I had fun thinking of some neat words to add and thought of the words sweets, treats and love  but I ran out of letter 'E's.  These are the ones I did this morning, they'll be listed in the shop later today.  I think they would make a cute little candy or cookie container for the home or office or storage for your little treasures.


weekend find

This past weekend aside from scoring a 32-inch flat screen TV for $200 from Walmart (thank you cousin Rose for braving the cold and the crowd) I also thrifted a bunch of really nice vintage Christmas gift wrapping paper, a whole box of vintage ribbons and a pot of bushy silk poinsettia from Goodwill.

I love the slightly brownish and matte color of these old wrapping papers.

The possibilities of this fake plant is endless, but mostly will be plucked and used to accent some gift boxes and maybe a Christmas wreath.

Lots of pastels but will do for the colored gift wraps.

Some gifts were wrapped last night using the above materials.  Call me crazy but one of my favorite things about the holiday is not so much about opening the gifts but wrapping them!

Happy 1st of December everyone!