colourful vintage kitchen

I think I'm ready. I am ready to put some colour back in my shop. After a week of listing colourless, grown up "hollywood regency" home decor, I find myself missing the cute and colourful vintage things to shoot and list.

So tomorrow's shop update will be all about colourful vintage kitchen. Orange you glad? ha! ok I think I am cracking myself up here...anyhoo, here's some colourful, adorable kitchens I found on flickr.


instant collection: vintage teacups and saucers

Thursday night I went to a local estate auction without much knowledge about vintage teacups nor the slightest notion of owning a pretty good size collection. Then I spotted two large lots and was taken by the beautiful design, their colours and their immaculate condition, and decided I want to win them at all cost. And I did won them, and it was costly, sort of (it put a dent on my thrifting budget for next week).

The first two photos are from the first lot.

And these are from the second lot...

here are some of my favorite ones...

I spent the next day researching the internet and ebay and found enough information about the variety of teacups produced by Aynsley, Royal Albert, Shelly, Paragon- the markings I found on most of the teacups I've bought.

I searched ebay's completed listings and was pleasantly surprised to find some good prices ranging from $25 and up on the ones with similar markings as mine. This particular one must be the rarest or it's kind as it was sold for $180! It just amazes me what people are willing to pay for some things...

I may keep a couple, but some will be listed on ebay and I may list some in my Etsy shop next week.


a blogpost about nothing

I've been having a hard time finding something to blog lately, and didn’t want to bombard you with my shop updates and thrift finds. I know they could get really annoying. Tweets, blogpost, facebook about new finds, new listing, boring! Promise I’d only do a shop updates on Mondays.

So in order to find some ideas, I tried the following activities yesterday…

~I took some photos of my newly cleaned basement to show off here, but weather didn’t cooperate and all the photos are blurry and dark. I’ll try again tomorrow.

~Then I went to the library for an hour to scan some home décor magazines, got lots of photo idea but nothing to write about them.

~Next, I took a short walk to the grocery store; they say movement will get the mind working. Well I got my groceries done at least.

~Then last night, went online to find some tips to beat writer’s block, found this informative site. One tip says: Try to do something out of the ordinary. So I took a shower. Still nothing, so I just surf the web, read my favorite blogs and went to bed.

Hopefully I'll have something more interesting tomorrow...


Monday shop update!

signs of spring

The gorgeous weather around these parts of the NW had me convinced that spring has officially started. Throughout last week and this weekend the weather has been spring-like. Days like these is when I get motivated to pack so much activities and projects in a day.

This weekend I started and finished two DIY projects. I also started spring cleaning in my basement. I purged some old furnitures, old clothing, knick knacks, boxed them up and dropped them to Goodwill. Took 400 some photos of items to list this week and also wandered around outside to look for some signs of spring in my yard...

I took this picture at about 5 p.m. yesterday...

these pretty little flowers are popping up everywhere...

elephant ears plant that reappears by my front entrance every February...

the Magnolia tree on the front yard...

I haven't seen the Bluejay but I believe he will be coming by very soon, and I'll have this bird bowl filled with water ready for him when he comes by...


hollywood regency home decor

My next shop update will be all about "glamming up" a room; the decorating style known as Hollywood Regency. The elements in this style includes Asian inspired décor, chinoiserie, black and white pattern, pops of bold colours, faux bamboo, animal prints. And of course you can’t have Hollywood Regency without a splash of glitter and gold, so there will be lots of silver and gold home accents. See you back here on Monday!

All these beautiful and inspirational photos are found from flickr.

Apartment Therapy has also recently did a house tour with this fabulous San Francisco home with Regency glamour style home decor.



Oftentimes I find myself multi-tasking when I get stumped with one project then I switch on to the next one- which is never productive in my case. This morning I woke up and thought it was a good time to start my taxes, then one mortgage paper was missing, so I moved onto trying to figure out the shipping for these two orange bar stools so I can list them soon, but couldn’t make up my mind what to charge, so I surf the web to do more research… then stumbled upon some pretty pictures, and a couple of interesting blogs, added them to my favorites. Cleared some clutter on my desk hoping to find the missing mortgage paper, no luck. So I make more coffee, and what’s coffee if you’re not reading blogs… sigh I need some serious time management!