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photos for Friday

My instagram snapshots this past few days:
- a collection of vintage phones I thrifted all at once from an antique shop 
-a charming moss-covered sofa spotted at the same antique mall 
-a gorgeous day on the drive to Seattle

Have a wonderful weekend!


a favorite weekend find

I went to an antique shop yesterday and bought five vintage phones. They were all half off as the dealer was clearing off her inventory. Score! My favorite is this sea green one.

Happy Monday indeed!


photos for Friday


{I meant to post this yesterday}

A couple of pictures I posted on my instagram this week; bouquet of flowers and macarons from Trader Joes; Sofia snuggles with Lucky after school.  

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!


collecting collections

What is it that makes us want to collect things? Once in a while I'll come across a cute pottery vase or a wooden animal figure and would want to expand it to a collection, but then when I gathered enough to warrant a sizable collection the desire to keep it is fleeting and my interest goes onto the next one. My collecting habits has changed overtime being that my job gives me the advantage of finding them on a constant basis. I remember ten years ago when I used to go to estate sales at the break of dawn just to snatch a Hummel figurine with a full bee marking to add to my collection, what was I thinking? Now if there's one thing I regret letting go was my enamel bowl collections they are getting harder to find these days.

The photo above is an instant collection I got from an auction two weeks ago. See my previous perfume bottle collection here and here.


chair of the day

My obsession with chairs and lamps still continues. If you see my instagram feed I seem to manage to find a  lamp to buy and chairs whenever I venture on a thrifting or auction trips. So I thought I should showcase a chair or a lamp that I fancy on a weekly basis here. And of course since finding the gem of chairs from yesterdays post, I pinned these photos to show how these chairs were used in an interesting ways.

Verner Panton chairs use for church seating

white chairs on white dining area

wedding ceremony seating arrangement

All photos are from my Pinterest board.


I'm back!... with a favorite weekend find!

wow, it's been six months since my last post where to begin? well to be honest I was a little burned out from the old blog and was thinking whether to continue or close it for good. Since getting my new phone I've been Instagraming which is so much faster and and I love all the filters I can use to make the pictures pretty.  In addition I got busy with real life in the beginning of the year with the business, taxes and the usual home chores and stuff and decided to take a much needed one month vacation to my birth place- Philippines with my mom and my daughter Sofia. It was a great vacation overall and a neat experience for my daughter. Unfortunately I don't have photos to prove it as they were all accidentally deleted.:( except a couple...

 My kiddos also turned 8 last month and I planned a princess & prince theme party for them.

And in thinking of ways to resurrect this blog, I will dedicate Mondays to be a show and tell for my favorite weekend find. So here's for this weekend...

four vintage Verner Panton chairs.

Ok. this is it for now, hoping I can get this blog going... wish me luck!