colorful enamel bowls

this past weekend I hit the thrifting jackpot in enamel bowls, they will be listed in the shop this week.



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now thru Monday

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yummy breakfast

Last week I saw this recipe from Joy the Baker and happened to have all the ingredients available in my fridge.  I made it with some bratwurst sausage and red bell peppers to add color.  It was so good that I made them twice last week and also because I have a bunch of spinach left and didn't want it to go to waste.  Hubby loved it and requested that I make it once a week.


flowers and birds

Inspired by my blooming spring garden and the humming birds that visits my backyard these days; I've gathered some pretty vintage flower prints, and bird figures to list next week.  

Wishing you a rosy week ahead :)


this week...

my little munchkins turns six today...

per their request I'm bringing five dozen cupcakes for their friends and teachers to school today...

they just finished their 3-week swimming class; Jovan made a huge improvement and can swim a long distance now...

I unearthed and dusted my long abandoned Pfaff machine from the basement and made something this week, it’s been so long since I've sewn a thing I am out of practice.

gathering all the manly man vintage items to list on Modish Vintage shop next week just in time for Father's Day.

Happy Friday the 13th!


this week...

some random photos this week.
  • enjoying the last bloom of the magnolia tree
  • took a day off to enjoy the sun, without computer, just being in the moment doing mindless activities, it's been so refreshing.
  •  admiring my fresh vintage finds before they go to the shop (next week)


orange and light blue

There's no denying that I tend to gravitate to bright and vibrant shades when it comes to picking the items for Modish Vintage. Orange, light bllue (and it's many variations), jade green are just a few that tops the list.  I would love to decorate my house like these photos below; eclectic, colorful, fun and interesting. 

images: first three photos by me, last three via Miss Moss via NYTimes.com