etsy's treasury

I love how this treasury came together, everything is somehow tied in together. The placement and balance of colours and shapes are just right. I hope it will make it to the front page.

It was put together by StudioElan and titled Pickin' Up The Pieces...


vintage rotary phones

I love the idea of using a good old rotary phone, love the sound that it makes when dialing a number. Although I do own a couple I only use them as a decor piece and as an 'emergency' phone. I don't mind the long process of dialing phone numbers, the two things that keeps me from actually using it, is that most businesess now have an automated services and menus. And you can't use a rotary phone if you want to multi-task unless you're strap on your office chair checking emails, uploading photos and blogging simultaneously while on the phone.

I wonder if there really are still rotary phone users out there? But then again I realized there are folks that still uses typewriters...

p.s. Here's a recent find I will be listing today.


life is like a box of chocolates

I went to my favorite thrift store yesterday as they were having a 50% sale off everything for Presidents Day. I should have known better; on holidays like this, the store was very crowded and a mess, a bunch of kids running in every direction, no available cart in sight and most of all, everything left is junk at 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon, what was I thinking?!. I found a couple of odds and ends, and as I was heading to pay, I decided to go to the linen section one more time just in case I missed something. Then I saw this red large size chocolate box all taped up on the sides, it was kind of hidden under some plastic hangers and some grungy napkins. I thought, no one had been curious to open it? I opened it and lo and behold found this rainbow of colours, stack of lovely spools of vintage thread. I was very delighted to say the least especially when I paid only half of $3.99.


front page worthy treasuries

wow! Modish Vintage featured in six different treasuries in one day, awesome!!

chosen by ambika

chosen by azetta

chosen by editionbw

chosen by staroftheeast

chosen by sszumski

chosen by neverever

Thank you, thank you!!


v day post

Remember how important valentines day used to be when you first got together with your other half? A fancy dinner and expensive bouquet of flowers are not to be missed? I can't say the same thing after being together for 14 years with my hubby. We exchanged handmade cards that the kids help make with their craft papers and crayons, and he took me to my favorite hamburger place for dinner and then a late movie of my choice afterwards. Very uneventful but was a nice break from the daily grind and from the kiddos.


etsy picks $25 and under

Don't you just love a good deal, most especially when they are super cute and functional. I'm surprise that these wonderful vintage items are still available up for grabs, I'm tempted to keep them all for myself but I believe in karma :-), so here goes..

Mid Century Modern Bird Plates for $18 by jessjamesjake

cathrineholm red enamel plate for $24 by wendygold

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers fo $5 by sillysistersseconds

VINTAGE..TREE....COFFEE...CUP...HOLDER for $10 by HannahBellaMemories

Vintage Walkway Pottery Tealight Candleholders for $10 by solsticehome

Tray of Cheer $7.50 by edelweissvintage

Ceramic Pig Planter Vintage Design in Orange for $24 by fruitflypie


love: Japanese craft books

Happiness is sitting at Kinukuniya Bookstore one whole afternoon thumbing through pages of Japanese craft books or better yet buying as many as you can afford to add to your collection. I bought a couple of these books late last year to get some inspirations on making my own bags, but of course not much sewing happened.

These books are so fun to look at, although they are mostly written in Japanese, the instructions with the diagrams are very easy to follow.

These photos are my favorites. The totes are so cute!!

I managed to make one just like this which turned out pretty good, I think.

I used dark brown corduroy for the handles. For the bag I used brown wool and some lace for the details.


corner of my studio

I missed sewing. Today I revisited my spider-ridden studio corner where my neglected Pfaff and threads reside and took photos of my supplies instead. I haven’t sewn anything in months since I opened Modish Vintage on etsy. It’s a shame since I keep finding pretty vintage fabric and supplies each time I go thrifting, and each time I day dream of what cute bags and dresses I can make with them. But alas, I don’t and can’t find time.

Sewing requires time, creativity and lots of patience, all of which I lack at the moment. I have so much respect for all the talented tailors and seamstress on Etsy for all the hardwork and creativity they put on their work. I don’t think I can be a good seamstress, I don’t like the process so much, like the measuring, cutting, basting and the most fun part - unpicking stitches; (I could never imagine sewing in the old days without the almighty seam ripper , those ladies must be cussing up a storm all day in their shops back then) Anyways, I can never wait to see the end result. I’ll start a project, won’t cook, eat or sleep so I can finish and see the finish product.

Since I don’t forsee any sewing in the near future, I am listing some sewing supplies at the shop soon, please look for them.


going green with vintage items

I have to admit that I was not a vintage lover/shopper all my life. I used to be a "label whor*" in my youth. I used to think carrying a Coach bag is very fashionable and owning a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 is a girl’s ultimate dream come true. Until I started seeing everybody carrying those purses, knock offs or the real thing, it started to look superficial and they kind of lost their novelty. I still have my LV Speedy, it is bundled up in my closet collecting dust. With only thrift stores to go to lately and occasional grocery and Target runs I’m perfectly happy with my huge handmade tote.
Then came home ownership with its financial responsibilities made me realized that newer is not always better. I thrifted mostly everything to furnish my first home, and that’s about the time I got into vintage and antique items. I appreciate the craftsmanship and originality of older pieces. Vintage items has so much story to tell, they have a kind of romantic sensibility that you don’t get from buying a newer item from the mall or boutique.

Sometimes it’s necessary to buy something new, but the vast majority of the time you can recycle, repair or find vintage items not only do you express your own personal stylish self but also doing your part to protect the planet one vintage green cup or canister at a time.

Please look for these green vintage items at Modish Vintage shop soon!