let there be light...

Recently thrifted marble lamps. 

So we had a  snow storm last week; tree brances fell; snow and slush turned to ice; I was out of active yeast to make some bread; and the power went out for a day and a half-  it was ugly.  One funny conversation with my six year old.

Jovan:  mommy when is the light coming back?

me:  very soon son, very soon...

Jovan:   I'm bored!!!!!

me:  read a book, color.

him:  but I just did!

me:  take a nap.

Jovan:  mommy, am I having a nightmare?

me:  hahahahaha!


new shop look!

This past weekend in between playing in the snow and keeping warm with soup and hot coco;  I painted my photo/living room wall a new shade of yellow! I used a venetian plaster and I think it came out ok considering I didn't have a clear idea how to apply it or how it's going to turn out.  I applied two coats of paint and for a small wall it took me two days to finish!  So this is how it looks. The previous gray wall was nice but I thought it's time for a little change.


collection: native american style pottery vases

“Collecting is like a disease—you can only stop when you die”
- Iwan Wirth, Founder Hauser & Wirth

haha so so true! and with that quote I show you my new collection of colorful vases. Happy Monday all!


a Facebook page finally!

I guess I can check one resolution off this year, that is to finally join the rest of the world and create a Facebook page for my Etsy shop.  To maintain it is another story but I hope to frequently post shop news and offer deals on the new (to me) found social networking site.

Tell you what, "like" Modish Vintage HERE and you could save 10% off your next purchase from the shop.

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