brass farm animals

The hen and the squirrel got together to plan a royal ball

they invited mama bird and her twins to come along

and the pretty kitty sisters

we want to come too! 

everyone showed up and filled the room

big friends and small friends danced the night away, it was so much fun!

then I told them it's time to go home, party is over. The end.

[These adorable tiny animals were an auction find from this past weekend.]


yellow chair pinned

I guess I'm not the only one who thinks this yellow chair rocks; a quick search on Pinterest yesterday and this is what I found. I'm a little sad to see it go though.


pink walls

Photo credits:

I had a little downtime this past weekend (a calm before the storm) and painted the kids room pink!  I have been re-decorating their room and thought pink would go well with the vintage brass beds I got couple of weeks ago.  I was not so sure of the outcome but my pinterest board helped me ease my mind a little with above images.  It wasn't too bad actually, and the kids love it.  It was a very light shade of dusty pink much like the first photo.  I will make sure to share some pictures of the room soon.


old school music for kids: a sneak peek

Last thing I want to show is this really awesome antique phonograph and a bunch of these old 1950s children's music records. This old mechanism will not only play the nursery songs of the past but will also double up as a small table and also would make a very cool display in a kid's room. 

And that concludes my sneak peeks this week, thanks for following along.  I'm off to cool off in the pool with four kiddos, it's been hot here in the NW and the community pool has been a great place to escape from the heat.  Have a fabulous weekend everyone, stay cool!


yellows and greens: a sneak peek

A room is not complete without any yellow and greens I think, so here's
 a few bright colors that will be listed on Monday on Fab.com.  I did a small DIY window chalkboard with thrifted old window and was planning to do a post but it's fairly straight forward, there's really not much to it; I just cleaned the frame, I did not paint it over as I love the weathered look and I also left the old hardware (it does add a little charm to it, no?); spray painted a board with chalk board paint and attached it to the back of the frame and added a cork board on the middle. Here's a DIY I found online with a step by step instructions.  

Anyhoo, I think I'll do one more preview this week and then you all just have to go check out the rest of the goods on Monday on Fab, the sale starts at 4 p.m. PT. 


well red: a sneak peek

Here's the second part preview of our sale happening on Monday at Fab.com. My personal favorite is the dotty Pyrex mixing bowls; I wished I had found them before the kids birthday, they would have looked so cute with the rest of the polka dot decor I used for the party.


true blue: a sneak peek

Modish Vintage will be on Fab.com once again starting Monday July 16.  Expect eclectic colorful objects dedicated for the little one's room.  Here's are a few sampling of the blue vintage items that will be listed. I will post a couple more previews in the coming days.

Happy Monday all!