It was my birthday yesterday. It feels really weird hitting the big 40, such a big number. But happy and grateful to have the things I can only dream of when I was 30. And lookie what I got! Some flowers, cards and a new lens baby!!



for the wall

More prints from the pop art era. These are two sided colorplate prints cut and framed from the pages of the History of Art series published in 1977 set in a nice wooden frames in gold tone .

wall art4
Colorplate 131. Jasper Johns. Three Flags. 1958

wall art3
Colorplate 128. Frank Stella. Empress of India. 1965.

wall art5
Colorplate 135. George Segal. Cinema. 1963.

wall art2
and my favorite print titled "Clothespin" by Claes Oldenburg. 1967.

wall art2

They will be listed in the shop by tomorrow.

This last photo is the Surrealist art that I've won from an estate auction last week. It's a nice one although I can't make out the artists' signature. If anyone could help me identify this mystery artist will receive a surprise gift from the shop.





happy thanksgiving and a holiday sale!


· Black Friday thru Cyber Monday Sales: Beginning tonight at 12 midnight e.s.t. enjoy a 20% discount for any orders $30 or over at Modish Vintage . Sale will run until Monday November 30, 12 P.M. est.

· Free shipping on orders over $250 within the U.S. (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). Note: there are also a few items with free shipping in the my shop, just type in "etsyfreeshipping" under the advanced search box.

· Free Gift Wrapping: free gift wrapping is offered for small items (just leave a message to the seller on the etsy checkout page)

· Turn Around and Delivery Time: Sold items will be shipped within 24-48 hours once payment is cleared.

Thank you and have fun shopping!


girly girl finds

As we all know, a girly girl relishes in being feminine and she needs thoughtful gifts to compliment her personality and what better way than to give her the gift of vintage. One-of-a-kind and inexpensive.

Some recent finds that I thought would be a perfect holiday gifts for your favorite girl or woman.

A white vintage double sided mirror with metal extension.

Beautiful vintage lipstick holder in gold tone.



A vintage music box, every girl wants one.


A pretty compact mirror for her purse; she'll think of you all the time...



A girly girl may be getting a perfume for the holiday, and this ornate bottle would compliment nicely.

And as you know I have hundreds of gift ideas/items in my shop for her. Take sometime and browse here ...

Have fun shopping!

p.s. all these items will be posted in the shop today.


Thursday night estate auction

Last night was our date night a.k.a. estate auction night. Hubby and I spent couple of hours at our favorite Thursday spot.

It was a fine art and antique auction night which means expensive items and I may be going home empty handed. But their catalog shows some really nice mid century furniture and I wanted to see the Westnofa recliner, the Vladimir Kagen chairs and Finn Juhl set of dining chairs in person and curious to see how much they will go for. Well, let's just say that the ending bid for each set was as much as what I pay for my mortgage payment, but ohh, they were divine!

So instead of showing you the photos of my loot, I will show the photos of the things I wished would have came home with me only if I had a million of dollars in my disposal...

Westnofa Danish modern rosewood recliner and ottoman

Westnofa Danish modern rosewood recliner and ottoman set.

mid century chairs

these Finn Juhl set of 5 dining chairs went for a couple of thousand dollars.

tulip table

I'm still beating myself for not raising my paddle one more time for this tulip table with glass insert that ended at a mere $80.

op art


Vasarely pieces that I thought were really nice...


antique vases

beautiful antique vases...

Richard Allen Morris

Richard Allen Morris

Richard Allen Morris

Richard Allen Morris

Richard Allen Morris

Richard Allen Morris

I really love these series of Richard Allen Morris miniature oil paintings (12" x 12") but I wouldn't stand a chance, they were hot items and went from $600 up to $1,200 each.

Still a fun night overall and I did won one Surrealist landscape etching , I will post a picture on my next post.


new goodies for the shop: fabric wall art/inspiration boards

Last weekend I've accomplished what I've been wanting to do for a long time. I made my first batch of handmade inspiration board/wall art that will be gracing the shop soon. They are made of unique one-of-a-kind vintage frames from the 50s, 60s and some that are older, and my precious vintage fabrics that I have been hoarding for the longest time. These are the fabrics that I've never offered in my shop, the ones I couldn't let go, hoping I could make some really nice accent pillow one day when I have free time. So this is what I came up with that does not require sewing.

I will be listing these tomorrow. I think they will make a neat wall organizer/inspiration board or wall art (if you can't bear to poke them with pins) for home or office. Most of the fabrics are made of vintage high quality cotton or linen fabrics. Also a couple of handmade button push pin with matching fabric will be included in each board.

brown floral




vintage collection of lame quotes

Yesterday while thrifting I found this little handmade book with typewritten quotes. There's a quote for each day of the year. Someone must have thought of all the lamest quotes all 365 of them and compiled them to make this little blue book...



here's a few of the best ones I found












haha, I think I just killed a couple of them by doing this post .


estate auction bounty

As promised here's the sneak peek of the treasures I've won on last week's estate auction.

s/n etchings

s/n etchings

s/n etchings

I got lots of these large vintage etchings; these are just a couple of them...


antique atache case

antique leather attache case in very good condition...

vintage deco electric clock

this really nice deco electric clock in gold tone...


large antique eagle wood mirror...

wall art1

large antique still life wall art...

wall art 2

vintage embroidered bird art...

... and last but not the least, I also got this adorable antique looking life size doll with sleep eyes. He's huge, 26" tall. While I was taking photos this morning my daughter asked me a thousand times why she can't play with it, and I kept telling her that it's not a toy, that it's for mommy's business. And she pouts, slumped her body on the couch and said "why do you always sell my favorite toys mommy?!

sigh... I don't know my darling daughter, I've always left alone all your Dora toys, I told her...