where old is new again

My love for vintage fabric started about four years ago, when I dabbled into making purses out of vintage materials, I really enjoyed sewing and made lots of purses as gifts to family and friends. When I opened my vintage shop however, everything came to a halt; I just couldn’t find time to do much sewing anymore.

Although each time I go thrifting and find a really neat fabric, I am always itching and dreaming up of things I can make with it. I accumulated a lot of vintage fabrics over the years and did offered some fabrics for sale at my shop, and still does here. As with any treasured possession, it sometimes hurts to see my favorite fabrics go, but equally a pleasure to find how some them was given a new life.


This floral cotton fabric I sold was made into a beautiful lamp .


Etsy's yourstrulyxoxo used an elegant decanter bottle for a base which complimented the vintage floral fabric really well.


This fabric was purchased by another Etsy seller justonelook and she made it into a lovely dress.


which got sold just moments before I published this entry.


green and olives

The weather here in Seattle has been unbearably hot the last couple of days, and today according to the weather channel will be in the high 90s again. We’ve been cooling off at the community pool and soaking in our backyard with a little plastic mini pool and a sprinkler. Halo-halo has also been a part of our daily treats.

I did some thrifting yesterday after going to my favorite Asian store to pick up some more halo-halo mix (how did I get so lucky that this grocery store is conveniently located right next to my favorite thrift shop). I love it, I can drive and park in one place and get my grocery shopping and junking done all at the same time, no driving much, no muss no fuss. But anyway, I came home with many green items in which I will be listing soon.



set of three olive green canisters with leaf pattern (although not marked, I believed it's Otagiri Japan by looking at the design and glaze)


large ceramic leaf dish


set of six green glass mugs


and two green EO Brody glass bowls with scalloped edges


These may be listed today or tomorrow depending if the kids will decide to give me a break and let me work.


corners of my home

I've been getting some good night rests lately and spending less time on the internet, I also got motivated today to clean my bedroom and let in some sunshine. So while everything was dusted, clean and in order, I took some pictures of the four corners of my favorite room - my bedroom, the least place that needs cleaning and the only room the kids stay away from (because I lock it).


some photos on top of my Ikea dresser


my wedding photo and a very old picture of me, my mom and my younger brother circa 1975.


on one corner are scraps of some of my favorite vintage and newer fabrics.


and the other corner hangs this really old Diego Rivera framed print that my husband thrifted many years ago from small thrift store for $8 (that man got some talent, my husband). And just in case you're wondering what's up with the 70's wooden paneling, I've grown to love it. I was aghast when we first toured the house four years ago, but when I opened the curtains covering a sliding door next to the closet, I hug my agent and completely forgot about the wall.

br view

It's a good size backyard with a nice wrap around deck, very nice shaded plants, there's a full grown clematis climbing up on the left side of the deck, some Japanese maple trees, even some racoons and bluejays playing outside. When the curtains are drawn it feels like being on a vacation without leaving my bedroom.


maybe a start of a new collection?



I found this delightful little floral bell at a recent estate sale where they had a huge table covered with ridiculously large quantity of bells; mostly were brass and souvenir kinds and some cute ceramic bells. I’m not too crazy about bells but this one caught my eye. The pink enameled flowers are so pretty and it even sounds nice. I told my husband it will be my very own servant's bell.


where old is new again

As I often wonder of the previous lives of the vintage things I pick up on my many thrifting trips, I also marvel at their new destination, how they are being cherish and reuse by their new owners when they’ve left my store. It's both magical and heartwarming to see how these vintage items are once again given a new life.


This old perpetual calendar I recently sold to Kristine from Canada graced her guest book table on her recent June wedding. (photography by Fine Prints Photography Toronto, Canada).



Something old, as this worn out calendar gave Kristine and Thomas' wedding that extra special touch...


This plain vintage wooden divided rack I found at a thrift shop was turned into a beautiful home decor piece by another wonderful Etsy seller and photographer extraordinaire ethanollie of Trampoline.


It's amazing how a simple item could add so much charm and beauty if placed well with other vintage items with just the right scale such as in this beautiful vignette she put together. I think it would be a big hit if she also offer her photos in her shop, they are just as lovely as her vintage items.



These vintage art prints went to a customer all the way to Singapore early this year and I just adore how she displayed them with her other wooden animal figures and kokeshi dolls.



Very inspiring home decor, I love it!

These colourful vintage fabrics were purchased by a very talented seamstress bellaserababy last year and turned them into the cutest dresses for girls.
I'll be posting more of these in the future when I get photos from my customers. If you bought from me and want to send pictures, you can send me a convo via my shop here or send me an email at rncfernandez[at]msn[dot]com. Thanks!


this week we've been enjoying...


lots of raspberrys...


backyard sprinkler...


few trips to the lake...


and the blue hydrangeas that are in full bloom.


weekend score (part 2)

here's the rest of my finds this past weekend...


the yellows...


bright yellow drinking glasses


cute floral tin can


old metal Tonka truck


mother duck with her three little ducklings, made of tin.


the silver and golds...





It's safe to say I won't be going thrifting for a long time, maybe for a week...

I'll be listing these in the coming days, please look for them here soon.


weekend score (part 1)

So much great finds this weekend, I don't even know where to start, so I'm doing this preview in two parts. I don't have a wide lens to cram them in one photo preview so I took photos by colours.


Here's the bright reds, orange and browns...


couldn't wait to take photos of this bright orange vase with my blue hydrangeas from my front yard...


cute owl coin bank...


tall bottle decanter, one of my favorite finds to date...


the blues and greens


art deco glass pitcher


old green medicine bottle


dark blue Otagiri cups


and I squealed when I saw this green lily of the valley majolica plate, how could anyone have missed this plate?! I think I'll keep this for a while...

Please look for these lovely items in the shop soon! More previews tomorrow...