dainty linens and silverwares

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Dainty, indeed! I finally had the chance to photograph the silverwares I won from an auction not too long ago, and had fun staging the set with my vintage linens. Its just lovely to see old silver teapot with dainty linens together, it reminds me of the elegance and old world charm of a bygone era of gracious living.

I've already listed the servers and also some very nice sterling flatwares here. And will be listing these lovely teapots this week. Wouldn't they make a great addition to any fine dining, tea party or any special occassion? These silverwares also make a lovely gifts for yourself or someone you love this coming holiday season.




Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets

~ Arthur Miller



Just popping in to let you know I’m still here and haven’t completely fallen off of the planet earth. I just felt the need to take a break from blogging to catch up on some important things I have been neglecting lately. The papers on my desk seemed to grow out of nowhere and I have to stay on top of it or I’ll miss important deadlines. Trying out some new recipes had been fun too, made kafta kabob couple of nights ago and it was delish.

Spending more quality time with the kids has also been an ongoing aspiration, working from home is always a challenge and I want to be able to manage my time wisely. Lastly, the much needed cleaning and organizing of my inventory; this thrifting addiction of mine comes with the need to constantly find resourceful ways to store and organize my finds. Sadly my home office that was sparkling clean not too long ago is overflowing with stuff once again.

Also I’ve been a busy bee looking for new, interesting vintage things to add to the shop. As soon as I figure out how to take good pictures on a cloudy day (I haven’t seen the sun since the change of the season) I will share my treasures here I promise. This is all for now, but before I go I want to show this sweet red antique trike that I thrifted two weeks ago. I can’t find anything like it on the internet, it has a small label on the front with the name Triangl, it’s made in England.



Isn't she adorable?


30 days of happiness: 23


happiness is Sundays, I look forward to Sundays when my mom comes over for a day and gives me a day off. She baby sits, cooks delicious food and just being there to talk to.


As an aside...
...sitting down to write something here has been difficult this week. Both kids were sick, which means sleepless nights and getting stuck in the house not being able to get things done. I have many new finds from the previous week that needs to be photograph, and can’t wait to show you, but hopefully I’ll get it done soon once the kids go back to school.

I also fell behind my 30-days of happiness posts; there are plenty of little things to be happy about but have been overshadowed by all the heartbreaking news of the calamities that are happening across the globe, which had me contemplating more and more of how short really is our lives here on earth, how to better myself, put a little more in taking care of my family, my kids, etc. Anyhoo, this is supposed to be a happy post so I'll end it here now and will be coming back with new and fresh vintage finds next week. Stay tuned!