asian style home decor

Just a quick peek of the items that will be appearing in the shop this week. Lots of asian and Hollywood Regency-esque home decor items. 

I also want to take this time to apologize to my long time readers and blog friends for not being able to comment on your blogs lately; since I have created two more blogs here, I somehow messed up something and could not comment on people's blog and on my blog even, it has been very frustrating and time consuming to figure how to correct the problem and I'm still working on it.  So I'm sorry for not being able to comment, but I do read all your blogs frequently Jennie, MMMC, AlexKeller,Thrifted Treasure, Sandra, Knoopjes, Autumn Olive just to name a few.  But if I did comment on your blog anonymously I will always try to include my  name and site always so you know it's not a stalker or a troll :)


a woo-hoooo kind of day!

Today was a woo-hooo! (pun intended) kind of day; see these group of fine looking owls? I got them in one fell swoop at my local thrift store this afternoon.  And to top it off I also found this gorgeous pink enamel pot for $2 at the same store!

After I paid the cashier, I got in my car, warned my husband (who's been patiently waiting) and let out a huge WOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOO!!!


notable notes

I received the stockpot this afternoon and it's absolutely wonderful. Thank you for packing it so safely and for sending it so quickly. My father was one of the first salesmen for Dansk in the United States, so the products always bring back fond memories.

~ Lisa C; Rhinebeck, NY


black beauties

I'm so excited to finally had the chance to photograph these black ceramics just in time for my Halloween update this week.  I wanted to list them the first week of October but procrastination took over, another thing is that  black items are the hardest thing for me to photograph, I can't seem to figure out the best lighting or how to adjust my camera for it... Anyway, these black beauties are simple and pretty on their own though I could not quite capture that on these pics but trust me they're gorgeous! I started listing them today!