something blue

A few "something blue" for the kitchen coming to the shop tomorrow; Dansk caserolle, pan and Norwegian coffee service and platters.


February snow

Last week I was convinced spring is coming, the weather was so nice, then yesterday it started to snow, a lot.  I made it to the store last night to pick up some essentials and today school is cancelled.  We're taking it slow today, with lots of hot cocoa drinking, cartoon watching, coloring, we may even do a little bit of baking later.



Some numbers that are floating around in my head today...

The kids just completed their 100th days of school, such a great milestone!

I looked at my calendar and it dawned on me- my munchkins are turning 6 in less than 3 months! 
2 things they want for their birthday; cupcakes and bouncy house, which I think is the perfect combo.


The shop reached more than 10,000 hearts this month! so much love!

Speaking of love I can't believe I have been doing this Etsy gig for almost 3 years now (will be 3 years in April)... and I still LOVE it so; every minute of it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  I live and breathe Etsy, can you tell?

5 years ago we moved into this house, the longest I have ever stayed put in a place for the last 20 years.  Where all 2,000 sq ft of it now houses hundreds of my junks ahem "treasures",  kidding, only a thousand of it the rest is our living space (hubby thinks).  A place where many wonderful memories, growth and incredible milestones were made.

and this makes my 367th blogpost :-)


shop preview

Just a small preview of what's coming to the shop next week; vintage painting, ceramic sailing ship lamp, antlers, piano lamp, bookends, turquoise teapot and a gorgeous pair of cut glass lamp with crystals.

oh and I didn't win the chairs from the auction, boohoo, they were too pricey for my budget and I really didn't have a place to store them anyway... I only took home two small things, a cinnabar jewelry box and a small coffee table, but my wallet was really happy.

Have a great weekend!


at the auction

I've mentioned a few days ago that I want to cut back on going to the auctions and I have been very good lately.  It's also nice that the other place I go to take photos of their stuff so I can preview them beforehand.  And I usually pass if there's nothing that interest me...for instance this week looks like it's going to be a boring one... there are lots and lots of jewelries, not into jewelries.

a huge table just for the necklaces (seriously?)....

a wide assortment of weaponry and such...no thank you.

more junque on the silent auction table...

but wait... I spy something that looks really cool and awesome way over there... ok must find a babysitter ASAP!

I will let you know if I win the cool chair! Wish me luck!


happy valentine's day!

I stayed up late last night preparing the kids valentine exchange for school today.  A total of 46 treats including their teachers were wrapped, signed and delivered this morning.  This is all new to me but it seems like Valentine's day is one big day at school, kids were sent home last week with list of students in their class, each one expected to bring a gift to commemorate the special occassion.  The kids are all excited about it and both came home this afternoon each carrying a big bag of goodies.  There are few of leftover sweetheart candies and I creatively sprinkled around our dinner table tonight.  Happy V-day!


my vintage collection: clear perfume bottles

These perfume bottles are not as fancy as these other ones, but they appear ten times more beautiful when placed atop the dresser next to a window while the bright sunlight washes over them. I won these a few months ago and they’ve been sitting on my dresser (I tend to hang on to some of my inventory, then when I get bored I list them), and the sun was out the other day so I opened my curtains for the first time since last fall (yes I like my bedroom dark at all times-it's my migraine thing) and my room had splashes of lights bouncing all around the walls, it's was very pretty... but my dresser needs some good decluttering and these has got to go…along with a huge stack of past due books from the library.  Look for them in the shop soon!


weekend finds, random photo of me!

hello! hello! how are you guys? I realized I haven't posted anything for this month of February, I'm experiencing some serious blogging funk lately...and I'm glad to find some treasures from this past weekend so I have something to blog about this week :)

I've also been refraining my self from going to too many auctions lately as I often get carried away bidding on so many stuff that I don't know what to do with, so to cure the itch, I go to a couple of thrift stores on the weekends and set a budget to spend. No more than $20, unless of course I find a cool looking chair.

This past weekend I found a stack of old childrens books from Deseret and I really love all the colorful illustrations on them.  They look like they were from a library and has the word "discard" on the inside, I find it strange that they would get rid these nice looking books.

Also found this pair of Dansko clogs from the same thrift shop for $6! And they look almost new!

I also thrifted this sweater for my daughter, it's in the sweetest shade of green. I love it, she could probably still wear it for a few weeks, it's still cold here in the NW.  Although she told me she is tired of wearing her winter clothes. 

One night last week while I was doing the dishes she came up and asked me; "mommy is it summer tomorrow" I said "no honey it's still winter" and then she just started crying, and I started laughing. She's so funny sometimes.

Grand total of my finds? $16! Not too bad right?

......and......now on a more personal note.....

I got an email from a reader wondering why I don't post any of my photo here...it's because I don't have many pictures of myself; in most gatherings or family events I am always behind the lens taking pictures of people and things.  And I'm not photogenic at all, on most of my pictures I always look either tired, sleepy, or awkward- just look at this shot I took of myself yesterday morning after dropping the kids off to school.  This is me, most of the time I'm in my yoga pants or jeans, sweater, and ponytail, and I don't wear makeup. And I don't do my nails, I mean they're nice and clean but I rarely paint them .  The only time I had my nails done by a professional was when I got married. So there's me.

On a lighter note, here's a more cheerful photo of my daughter Sofia...she loves her pictures taken and she's very photogenic even if she makes funny faces.

The end.