goodbye 2009...

Hello 2010!

2009 has been a good year for me albeit some few rough spots and I can’t wait for what the New Year will bring.

Here’s wishing you a happy New Year filled with peace, good health, love and happiness. (and lots of sales for my Etsy friends!)

**vintage photos are from my collection purchased from estate sale.


cupids and hearts

I know we still have the New Year's holiday to celebrate, but really Valentine's Day 2010 is only a few short weeks away, and for someone that is hopeless romantic like me, it's never too early to start thinking of that special gift for that special someone. So you'll be seeing some cupids and hearts in the shop in the coming weeks. How about you? have you thought of Valentine's day yet?


Christmas eve

the night before Christmas eve, I got really crafty and spent the whole night making felt stockings for eight kids...

I stuffed them with some candies and left-over favors I saved from the kids previous birthday party.

there were plenty of food and mom made my favorite Christmas sticky rice cake.

SIL was the appointed Santa...

the anticipation is killing them...

at twelve midnight we opened the gifts. Needless to say, the kids got all the stuff they've wished for and more. It's safe to say I won't be buying them any toys for the whole year.


happy holidays!

outdoor lights and decorations finally hung [check]

a bit of handmade gifts finished [check]

gifts wrapped [check]

last batch of sold items shipped; house cleaned; dinner menu for the noche buena , planned [check; check and check!]

now, off to get some sleep, I am pooped!

Happy holidays to all!


the wild hunt

Some vintage animal home decor that will be coming to the shop this weekend...

there's still time to order, I will be shipping orders until the morning of December 21st to get in time for Christmas...


thrifted things that makes me go hmmmmmm...

These little kidney shaped leather container thingies came with the rest of the vintage military lunch boxes I won from my last auction trip that got me scratching my head. I thought they were water jugs but then the opening is too small for anything to go in. They're marked "1" and "2"; one is larger than the other and it's made in Spain. Any ideas?


my holiday wish list

aside from the more obvious MacBook pro, iphone, peace and happiness; these are my wishlist for Christmas...

this print is the cutest ever,it would really look nice on my breakfast nook wall. From seasprayblue.

can you believe, I haven't had macaron cookies ever, I heard women talk about them with passion and I want to try them moreso. These French Macaron cookies from lemonadestandny looks decadent.

this necklace I had in my favorites for a year now, I know I'm such a cheapo, it's one of those nice to have but now that I see it again it's a must have. a little drop necklace from local library

and I am smitten with these old wallpaper tool kit that CrabApple just listed today. It would definitely motivate me to put that vintage wall paper in the kids bedroom, and they would also make a great country chic decor. love it!!


vintage medicine bottles

A few days ago, I decided to stop by at one of the thrift shop I used to frequent to (I haven't gone there since they did some renovation and made their store looked like a retail store to match their retail prices) I spotted a whole section filled with vintage and antique bottles. It looked like someone just donated a lifetime worth of bottle collection, hundreds of them in all shapes, sizes and colours. I wanted to buy a whole lot but since the prices are just out of my budget that day, I just picked a few that I thought were unique in shape and in colours.

These were the bottles I fell in love with. They are clear glass bottles with purplish or amethyst shade. Upon researching, I found out that were made from manganese dioxide glass and dates circa 1880-1920. Apparently, the glass turns purple when exposed to UV light, especially sunlight. They look like the smaller bottle pictured above; if you want some info on vintage bottles, this website has weatlh of information on dating and typing old bottles.

Can’t you just picture them on the mantel, table or even in a bathroom filled with colourful flowers? I think they would make a great home decor even if grouped together all by themselves. I plan on adding some of my vintage household labels and offering them to the shop.


vintage handmade finds for the wall

How especially sweet and adorable are these? Not only were they beautifully handmade but they're also vintage. I found them last week at my favorite thrift shop. They are a set of four art frame with a little girl and boy theme. Each were hand drawn with coloured ink and then their outfits were made of the cutest vintage fabrics, buttons and trims sewn and glued on top of the drawings. I especially love the bright and fun vintage fabrics that were used for each one. They are encased in a wooden shadow box frame. The artist's information are also attached on the back.


decking the halls

some photos of the Christmas decorations at my home...

xmas decor
xmas decor

Still figuring out what my new lens can do and loving it so far!