...seashells! so pretty- lined up on the windowsill; grouped together in a bowl on the coffee table; or scattered about on the mantel. So soothing and calming to look at... 

look for these at Modish Vintage soon!

notable notes

"My grandmother had this same purse. She passed away 30 years ago. I am so excited to find this one! "

~ A. Edwards; Fayetteville, TN


some cute finds from the weekend

Yesterday's auction has left me all high as a kite...I still am today.  I scored two modern leather chairs one that resembles this and this which I may or may not list; they are so comfortable and looks cute in my living room. I also got a dozen lamps, lots of neat paintings and hundred other little things.  Needless to say my bank account is dry but I am still high from all the treasure I am currently unloading and finding spot for them to be stored.

The photos above are just a few colorful ones I've started to list this morning.


this week...

... witnessed the prettiest shade of pink sunset from the nearby lake

... kiddos finally finished the summer reading program at the library

... and also done with their summer swimming lessons

... finished shopping for the kids back to school items and uniforms

... started going to bed earlier than 10 p.m.


notable notes

I said it before and I'll say it again; (as trite as it sounds) one of the best things in this reselling gig is the joy of knowing your customers adores the treasures you passed on to them as much as you do if not more.  Welcome to the first post of "notable notes"...

"One of the great things about putting together a collection is the "hunt." This planter/vase/bowl is part of a collection I've been replicating from Romantic Homes Magazine, May 2010. Finally found it. Thank you!"

~ L Bounds; Jackson MS


Martha's collection

Have you seen Martha's jadite collection on the recent issue of MS Living? I took these iphone pictures while scanning through the issue at the library yesterday just before I started drooling on them.  It's so inspiring, after seeing the photos I felt so inspired to hang on to every jaditeware I find instead of listing them.  Oh, those egg cups and that ball pitcher, swoon!


modern lithographs

I'm very excited about these vintage lithos I recently found from the auction house.  They are a set of 19 original lithographs from the 1962 Seattle World's Fair Science Exhibit. I started listing them today and will continue to list the rest of the set this week.

The foreword explains:

"As science probes that chain of life
from seed to plant...
from plant to maturity...
to the very smallest living cells, it reveals pictures, hitherto invisible, of great beauty."


for the wall

look for this collages in the shop this week.  There's something for everyone.