meet the family...

...of vintage kokeshi dolls that will be arriving at Modish Vintage sometime this week.


notable notes

"I love this vintage tray - it is so unique - a beautiful piece of art. It will sit on my kitchen counter and hold a small blue and white Japanese teapot and cups. Your last photo was an inspiration to me. smile"

~ Margaret M.; Dayton, OH


instant collection: vintage Dachshund ceramics

Conversation between lady1 and hubby during the last few minutes of the silent auction while I'm busy bidding on some other things:

lady1: which items are you watching...

hubby: these lot of doggie ceramics...

lady1 (looking amused): you're standing here for those?... how cute...

hubby (looking uneasy): yes, it's my wife's.

Hubby is the best auction partner ever.


new photo blog

I was trying to upload some photos on my Flickr account yesterday, and something went terribly wrong, so instead of figuring it out I created another blog, mainly to post photos of my most favorite vintage finds; no fancy stories where and how I found them just pics and a short description.

So if you want to come and check it out, and follow click HERE or on the banner above! Happy viewing!


red and blue finds and name game

While my mind was to fill the shop with orange, black and dark spooky items for the upcoming halloween season;  it is the bright and colorful shades of red and blue that has been  showing up during the last few weeks of thrifting it seems.  The blue lamp and doggie poster was an auction haul from a few weeks ago. 

And just this weekend during a quick stop at a nearby thriftstore, I found this pair of navy wooden clogs.  It's a little snug when I wear socks but I love the perforated look so I bought them anyway.

I also found this really nice modern framed poster from a recent auction and I really love it, I may keep it for a while (sorry folks). 

and this swedish linen print

And a large red and white model boat that I been meaning to list.  And since we are on the subject of primary colors, here's a fun fact:

My youngest brother has three boys and he all named them with the three primary colors.  The eldest was born ten years ago and he named him Red, we thought, ok...cool... then his second boy came and he named him Blue, then we start protesting to no avail and the third came just a couple of months ago and we thought Oh NO!!! Green?!?!
Isn't it crazy? Pilot Inspektor, Apple, Maddox all of sudden sounded so yesterday and normal. 

p.s. the items on the first picture will be listed in the shop this week.

p.p.s. Happy, happy Monday!



Modish Vintage is having a teeny sale... 10% off on everything...  just enter the code SUMMER10 during checkout!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Instant collection: FLW books

A vast collection of vintage Frank Lloyd_Wright books was up for auction last week, I won this stack for a great bargain. Though I'm not very familiar with his work and only read a chapter about him in my western humanities class back in college, I thought it'd be nice to have these for some easy reading and thumb through the photos.


vintage vignette [9.4.11]

so as you may or may not know, I have a thing for chairs- this recent find, a "comb-back" Windsor chair from Goodwill I thought kind of look sweet grouped together with the straw basket and the floral oil painting I got from the auction last week. I just wish I have a big house with many corners so that I could arranged a vignette like this with all my thrifted chairs.  These items by the way will be listed in the shop this week.



Yay for September! one of my favorite months of the year.  The kids started school today (first grade) and  the house is nice and quiet, this song is forever stuck in my head since I heard my niece singing it this weekend and also this September song.  Enjoy!