sunny days are my most productive days

It’s been nice and sunny the last couple of days and I have been photographing like crazy. I live in the Norhtwest where it’s cloudy, rainy and overcast most of the year. And when it’s sunny and bright like today I had to put everything aside on my to-do list and take pictures first thing. Spring must be right around the corner because the bluejay is back in my backyard. He usually comes around much later like late February or March, but he was here today and I got to take a picture of him.

On another note, I am really excited to reach my 600th sale this weekend, which was a great milestone for a small hobby that turned into a full time job. So to celebrate, I treated myself to this...
A small tough ruffle zipper purse by madebyhank. She has the most lovely, original, handmade bags I've seen on Etsy.


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  2. Oh your big blue boy is just gorgeous!!!

  3. The blue bird is beautiful! Congratulations on your 600th sale!

  4. i love this!