yesterday's highlight: thrifted enamel bowls

enamel bowl


enamel bowl2

so my Monday didn't really started on the right track; one kid woke up with a tummy ache, the other one was giving me a hard time and stalling on getting dressed for her dental appointment. Items need to be pack and ship and I didn't realized there's only half gallon of packing peanuts left in my garage, not much working time alone for myself, and I missed to make a couple of important phone calls! So after all the appointments and just before picking up Jovan from school I took Sofia with me to my favorite thrift store near my house and there I found these two enamel (Cathrineholm and Finel) bowls. together. like next to each other. and not one soul near or around where they were sitting. and I was like. O.M.G. (you know that feeling). So anyway, yeah a nice ending to an otherwise stressful Monday.

p.s. Please look for them in the shop soon!



  1. OMG!!! I cannot BELIEVE you found those in the thrift store!! Wow, what great finds. People just don't know what they have, ya know?

  2. Wow! I absolutely adore that finel bowl. Very cool.

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