dotty birthday party

I was meaning to post some photos of the kids birthday party a week ago but got busy with work; this weekend I finally edit some of them and here they are. I was inspired by a dotty party theme by SAJ when I thrifted a box full of dotty pink cards from Goodwill; and as I suspected it was an easy theme and a breeze to plan.  Dotty cakes, dotty balloons, dotty cupcakes, ham and pepperoni pizza, gumballs and a jumpy house and the kiddos had so much fun.  


  1. Gorgeous photos, your twins are so cute!

  2. Gorgeous! I am envious and want a dot cake right now!
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. Cakes at the Kids Birthday Parties in Orlando are very important and it must be very tasty like your one is.