cozy corner

If vintage sellers of clothing loves to play dress up with their finds, I on the other hand loves to play house, decorate a room, set up vignettes and photograph them. Yes, I can do this all day long!

This is a cozy corner I photographed yesterday with my recent finds, a chair and stool both are in the shop now for purchase.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. That chair is fantastic! It reminds me of one we saw in a consignment shop. That chair, which we didn't buy at the time due to lack of space, was a furniture turning point. We got rid of all but two arm chairs so that in the future, if we happened upon such a piece, we could jump on it and take it home. I hope this one finds a new home soon. We had extra chairs b/c family members kept giving them to us. We gave them back!

  2. That is SO lovely! You did a great job! I say we do a special project together with both of your items :) (I would need to be in the US though...) - maybe some day!