yesterday's thrift finds

Have you ever gone to a thrift store and get The Stare from other shoppers? I’m not talking about the usual people watchers, but the shoppers who stares at the stuff you have in your cart? Some do it nonchalantly and some stops you, comment and stare for a whole three minutes to examine your items.

These types of thrift shopping incidents makes me nervous and I hold onto my cart even tighter, run to the cash register and pay as fast as I can.

Such was the case yesterday; after dropping the kids off to school I was a free woman for three hours and didn’t know what to do with myself. Two weeks of no-thrifting, of course my first stop was at my favorite second hand shop and boy did I found some interesting things, and boy did I get stared at, I mean the items in my cart.

To me the stares could only mean either; darnit I wish I found those first OR what on green earth is she going to do with those but I'm pretty sure it was more of the latter.

The uneven cartwheels that made my items clink clanking all the way to the cash register didn’t help either.

All eyes were on me and my finds by the time I reached the line to pay.

you see, clearly my love for enamelware has no bounderies.


  1. awesome photos! love this.

  2. Oh my! Are those what I think they are? Cool finds :)) Isn't the "back to school" feeling wonderful? I did the same thing yesterday with my 3 hours of freedom!

  3. Oooh they're fab!!! I bet the other shopper was staring in envy!!

  4. tenthings,
    thansks so much for the compliments!

    yes they are! Don't know what got to me, when they brought the cart with all these white enamelwares fresh from the back of the store, they just look so heavenly and I grabbed them all and put them in my cart. I didn't care what they are used for.

    Thrifted Treasure,
    thanks! One older gentleman commented that they are "interesting items", the other one asked me if I knew what they are.

  5. This is hilarious! Love the narration of finding your treasures! (I'd have been giddy over all of the enamelware, too!!)

  6. OMG! It reminds me of the early years of my nursing career - more power to you for your brave acquisition! blessings on you for 2010.

  7. very cool! Now what on green earth are you going to do with them?!!

  8. LOL!!!! someone cleaned out their old hospital enamelware and i love it! now i want to see what you're going to do with it all...;-) just resell? could make some awesome arrangements, etc....and really tickle some valentine's day fancies ;-)

  9. thanks for the comments ladies,

    I really don't know what I will do with them, it would probably eventually be filed with my "what-was-I-thinking" purchases, but I won't donate them back. They got some history, dates back from the 1910-1940s according to my research. Maybe re-sell them? on etsy or ebay? not sure yet. If I put them up in my shop it may end up in Regretsy. lol.

  10. wonderful stuff! you can always use them for the purpose intended!