outside; inside

Today is a gray day, foggy, overcast, and even raining but I don't mind because I plan on staying home to clean, photograph and admire my colourful finds from last night's auction.

some photos of the outside...

some photos of the inside...


  1. OMG OMG OMG!!! You must be SOOOOO excited about the jadeite!! Congratulations! Looks like you found tons of treasures...best of luck with all of the cleaning, researching, photos, listing ;)

  2. Successful auction! I like that yellow teapot.

  3. Jennie,
    I'm very excited with all the stuff I came home with esp the jadites, and I think I got a great deal with it, now more stuff to list...

  4. Beautiful pictures from indoors and outside! Though inside does look like the more fun place to be on that day. :)