Monday shop update!

Some industrial and modern home decor update for you this gorgeous Monday! I have a large Chemistry poster and two industrial chairs that I will add to this list sometime today once I think up a good description for the items- which I find is the hardest part of listing an item...

large vintage black metal graniteware tea kettle

large vintage ammunition metal box

vintage clear glass decanter with blue stopper

modern mid century style wooden hanging lamp

vintage art deco Waterbury desk clock

large vintage mega phone

antique Yellowstone map


  1. A really great collection you listed today! I especially like the clock and the megaphone but it's all super cool. Hmm...hubby is making dinner so that I can stretch but he can see me online instead. Best be going now. ; )

  2. LOVE the megaphone and barn pulley. I have a friend who uses pulleys like that to hand plants- one on each side. Looks really cool :)

  3. i want that megaphone! these are all lovely pieces. so good as decorations. love!