Oftentimes I find myself multi-tasking when I get stumped with one project then I switch on to the next one- which is never productive in my case. This morning I woke up and thought it was a good time to start my taxes, then one mortgage paper was missing, so I moved onto trying to figure out the shipping for these two orange bar stools so I can list them soon, but couldn’t make up my mind what to charge, so I surf the web to do more research… then stumbled upon some pretty pictures, and a couple of interesting blogs, added them to my favorites. Cleared some clutter on my desk hoping to find the missing mortgage paper, no luck. So I make more coffee, and what’s coffee if you’re not reading blogs… sigh I need some serious time management!


  1. Hi!!! i love your shop and i would like to buy some items but im from spain! Do you send orders to Europe? i dont mind paying more for the delivery etc...
    Thanks ♥

  2. hi Wendy! I do ship worldwide, you can email me at rncfernandez(at)msn(dot)com or convo me thru my shop:


  3. Haha, I spend a lot of time doing that sort of "multitasking" too. :)

    I have several larger items that I haven't listed in my shop because I'm unsure of shipping.. Also, I haven't got any big boxes lying around to ship the stuff in. I guess when I come upon some of those I'll try to list them!

  4. You're not alone. That kind of multi-tasking is what makes up my days. The photo of the stools is great, the stools are terrific and that chart behind them? Delish!