industrial style decorating

Although I would consider only a few pieces of the rusted and crusted furniture in my home, I love the fact that these style of decorating uses old equipments (be it from school, warehouses, office or garage) and given a second life in a residential setting. I love the uniqueness and quirkiness that it brings into a room.

Some flickr photos I found here with "industrial chic" tags.

p.s. I will be updating the shop with some modern and industrial items on Monday.


  1. Cool photos! I love the old billiard balls. I'm excited to see what you have to share for Monday. I'm STILL kicking myself over not buying a very old fan a few weeks ago. For some reason all of the rust and the $5 price tag made me pass it by. Arghhh.

  2. Great pics, I especially like the old pull-down anatomy chart!

  3. these are beautiful!!! and i love that lamp in the third photo!

    hope you had a happy valentine's dear.


  4. what an exciting experience!/Hilorious! Delightful! True!

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