Monday shop update!

This update would probably bring some fun memories of your grannies, it did for me. I have vivid memories of her house filled with everything crocheted from blankets and pot holders, to crocheted dolls with rolls of toilet tissue inside them, like this one, remember those? My brother and I thought it was a little creepy and comical to have those things lined up sitting on top of the throne in her bathroom watching your every move while you do your personal business. She passed long time ago and all her crocheted goods and needleworks were donated to Goodwill, all that hard work, if only I wasn't so young and naive I would have saved all her handmade things. Well, maybe except for the crocheted dolls…

So in memory of all her granny chicness I never knew she had, I bring you today’s shop update…

vintage english transferware sauce or gravy boat pitcher

large vintage still life collage wall art

set of 4 white small embroidered place mat

vintage pair of embroidery hoop wall art kitty

vintage crochet pillow granny squares
pair of vintage canning Ball jars

vintage needlepoint yellow rose framed wall art

vintage enamelware lidded pie or cake dish

vintage Cathrine Holm enamel lotus pot lime green and white

vintage needlepoint footstool

vintage metal dustpan folksy motif

small vintage pressed flowers and fern wall art

colorful vintage crochet blanket afghan

small vintage emroidered bird on the branch wall art


  1. What fun! I love the sauce pitcher, the ball jars and of course the enamelware. Here's to our grannies and all of the precious things that spark fond memories of them :)

  2. Love everything but the dust pan made my heart jump. Exactly like the one "we" had when I was a little girl. Looking at it, I could smell the dust and metal smell that came from it...How odd!