thank you Etsy for my new find

Prior to opening my Etsy shop, my photography skill was non-existent. The only time I use my point and shoot camera was when someone is celebrating their birthdays, the holidays or vacations, in other words I only photograph to commemorate a special occasion. And this may sound trite but taking photos of my vintage items as part of my daily routine I become more aware of the simplest beauty around me, all which I use to take for granted. The moss in my front yard, the neighbors chipped white fence, dried fallen leaves, even my shadow had all of a sudden become a thing of beauty.

Prior to Etsy, I would not have seen the potential of this worn out wooden box...

old, chipped, rusty, distressed was all the characteristics opposite to the things I particularly get drawn in...

it has changed since and yesterday when I saw this large army box in the corner of the thrift shop's furniture department, all I can think of was "perfection".

I'll be using it to store some blankets, maybe double it as a coffee table in my basement, and as a photo prop!

So, thank you Etsy because of you I've discovered both my love for photography and for the old and decrepit.


  1. it's not decrepit! it's been well loved :)

  2. A treasure! I have a photo hanging in my hallway taken by a photographer friend of two chairs, with peeling paint in an old room and with the light coming through the window at that moment, they are beautiful.

  3. Your passion for these details shows in your photography, and it takes a very gifted and special person to be able to appreciate and share them with others.

  4. that's so cool--i have an old oak table, full of texture, stains, dark spots...that i use for photos of my drawings and daily sketches that i post on flickr and my blog. it doesn't work so well for my etsy photos because of what i sell, tho.

  5. Neat box! I agree: once you start photographing the little details, you suddenly start seeing them more often! Your photography is wonderful. :)