new home; vintage wooden doll and vintage painting

There's nothing more satisfying as finder and seller of vintage than getting those positive feedbacks from my customers who are truly excited and happy about their recent purchase/s. Getting a photo of the sold items in their new home is a bonus. Here's a couple of recently sold items from my shop to which my sweet customers had taken their time to share photos of their vintage item in their new home.

This little wooden doll was purchased by a favorite fellow Etsy seller who has the most lovely things and photos in her shop. Her little doll collection is just as adorable!

The vintage painting and the orange vase was recently purchase by a return customer in NY who was delighted to find the floral painting that will go with her recently painted seafoam-green hallway. Perfect match I'd say!

I'd like to post more of these in the future; if you bought from me and want to send pictures, you can send me a convo via my shop here or send me an email at rncfernandez[at]msn[dot]com. Thank you!


  1. Very cool! When the light is right, I'll take a photo of my red soup tureen on my side board. I'm ashamed to say that I still have not used it. Mostly, I just make myself soup on bowl at a time. I'll have to remedy that. It would look nice full of gazpacho, which I'm making Friday night.....

  2. I LOVE to see those pictures! Hope your customers keep them coming :)

  3. I love this, too. I've only received 3 customer appreciation photos from all the items sold in my shop but it's always delightful! Nice idea for a blog post. :)

  4. That's my favorite part of being a seller, too!

  5. hi Melinda, can't wait to see a photo of that enamel tureen in action! Thanks for stopping by my ol blog...