sneak peek: pops of color

Here's just a few colorful vintage items coming to the shop next week. Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. Love the wall hanging! I'm posting more articles like this thanks to your inspiration. I call mine shop previews vs sneak peeks. Readers really love it. :)

  2. Really great finds!! I love each & every one of them. I first saw the carved red swan and I inhaled.... then noticed the crewelwork pillow!! and it kept going as such... lil green jug, fabulous rattan stools, and that gorgeous picture. All items I would love to have in my shop. Thanks for sharing.

  3. wow..i'm glad i came by to catch up on your blog! I was reading the one about vtg linens and had to laugh. Besides the fact that I remember exactly which thrift store is near that post office (having lived off of 304th for a couple years)..it sounded so much like a day out of my life. My family has often dined on mac n cheese or the equivalent cause I was too 'busy' junking to go shopping! Love it!