tins and threads

If you have been following this blog then you know my slight obsession with vintage tins. I have a huge bookcase full of them in my storage room (I love to use thrifted bookcases to store my items for my shop, so I can easily find them). Another corner of my storage is where my vintage fabrics and sewing supplies resides.

And for someone who doesn't sew much (because of the time constraints; two kids that aren't in school yet, thrifting, running my etsy shop, packing enormous items such as globes and huge mirrors) I have an inordinate amount of fabrics and sewing supplies that is taking over my room. So as I was tossing and turning the other night, I thought my tins and my sewing supplies together! in my shop.

I will be listing each tins with various sewing supply contents; everything will be mostly vintage from buttons, threads, zippers, and even small packs of fabric stash from my collection. They will be listed on Monday which is my next shop update.


  1. Great idea! Everything looks yummy :)

    Lol about the mirrors and globes- that alone would make me toss and turn at night!!

  2. Ooh, what an exciting idea! Sewing tins are one of my favorite things to look for at estate sales - they're usually full of such neat surprises. Of course, like you, I don't end up doing much with this sewing stuff.. but it's so fun to look at. :) I think these will be a big hit in your shop!

  3. omg my mom has a tin just like the one with the buttons and embroidery thread in it in that photo... the black one with the brightly coloured krackle effect flowers and gold trim on it... in fact, i think it's the same!

    oh... i miss my mom...