Yesterday was one of those days; so what do I do instead of doing something worthwhile like finishing my taxes or folding the laundry? I re did my blog header and then as if I have all the time in the world I also studied my Google Analytics. Yup, insomnia will make you study your GA account. I even went further into finding out the list of strange search keywords people type in who ends up here in my website. Here's a short interesting list (original spelling intact) that has recently showed up in my GA account.

1. very large vintage outside bright yard art
wonder what is this person trying to find?
a very large bright vintage yard for his/her art?
or a vintage art for his/her very large yard?
or a large vintage art for his/her bright yard?

2. vintage muffin blog
hmm, cute name for a blog

3. creepy vintage granny
creepy? Granny is hot!
well, actually this search words are a little creepy!

4. madebyhank addiction
I didn't realized there's such thing... Ok then, welcome to the club. I myself have been trying for months to snatch up a bag from her etsy shop, but they sell so fast, I've never seen a handbag that is actually available for purchase which drives me crazy and makes me want it more!!!!

5. modish vintage goddess
you came to the right place baby!

6. neraidodhmiourgies


  1. I've given up trying to figure out my keywords- you got some good ones, though. I think that last one might be one of my sosorosey customer's last names! Isn't that odd? I did a super duper double take when I saw the image with this post- you should get a kick out of my post tomorrow, lol!

  2. So funny!! Do you have to register to get those analytics? I've never seen mine!?! Also I'm in love with the bingo roller thingy in your last post!