vintage tin galore

Looking at pretty vintage tin containers give me so much joy. They’re so adorable, charming and has so much character. I love to collect them, so much so that they're taking over a whole section of my storage room. Every time I go thrifting, I always managed to spot a tin or two and buy it. It’s an obsession much like my fabrics.

I mainly used the ones I decide to keep for decoration, but of course they could served many uses like storage for buttons, stamps, coins, etc. or re-use them to store homemade cookies, candies and cakes for gift giving. Some people have ingenious idea of turning them to switch plates and outlet covers. Very creative but I don't think I can do that to my precious tins, just like my fabric collection, they’re meant to be looked at and adored, not to be cut.
I haven’t sewn anything in ages, this thrifting business is keeping me from my sewing machine lately. So for now I just gaze at my fabrics which sat perfectly next to my tin cans.

Look out for some of these tins soon to be listed in the shop!


  1. They are lovely! My addiction is teapots and pitchers.