what is it?

I come across lots of unusual stuff when I'm out thrifting. And the more weird, odd, strange, bizarre an item is the more I gravitate to it. Take for instance that strange helmet thingy that I couldn't list for the longest time and just finally had to make up some bogus description so that I could list it in my shop as it was taking up so much space in my storage room, and what do you know it got sold within a few days, guess it was that interesting.

Anyhow, I managed to acquire a small collection of unidentified vintage objects that are currently sitting in my basement waiting to be acknowledged, named, find it’s usage and then listed once and for all. I will be posting a piece here from time to time to see if I can get some help from you dear readers to identify them so that they could be set free and find their purpose in life.

So here's the first object in question;

three of them are about 4" long, one is longer at 5.5"
they have a small metal bowl on one end with a tiny little wire under
the handle is made of a bamboo branch of somekind

What are they?

p.s. thanks so much for all the lovely comments yesterday about the granny chic inspiration, today I am gathering and dusting all my granny chic goodness to photograph so I can do the update on Monday.


  1. They look a little bit like "Kitsky" ... the traditional tools used to decorate Ukrainian Easter Eggs. Not sure though ... just a guess.

    Scott / http://www.sllab.net

  2. are the handle's hollow? they kind of look like homemade smoking pipes.

  3. Its a Tjanting Tool you fill the metal bowl with melted wax and it comes out of the little tube. Then you draw with it to make batik fabric patterns.

  4. Hubs thinks its an artists tool also. Says his Dad had one (like the last one). List 'em! ; )

  5. In Indonesia it's called a canting. My late grandmother was a batik maker, and Julie's right, melted beeswax is applied via the tool onto the fabric before dying so the designs would stand out.

    For a clearer picture:

  6. i like that i just learned something from your blog :)