hollywood regency home decor

My next shop update will be all about "glamming up" a room; the decorating style known as Hollywood Regency. The elements in this style includes Asian inspired décor, chinoiserie, black and white pattern, pops of bold colours, faux bamboo, animal prints. And of course you can’t have Hollywood Regency without a splash of glitter and gold, so there will be lots of silver and gold home accents. See you back here on Monday!

All these beautiful and inspirational photos are found from flickr.

Apartment Therapy has also recently did a house tour with this fabulous San Francisco home with Regency glamour style home decor.


  1. I like the look of that bedroom - clean and crisp. I've been pondering rearranging and improving ours. I have the same dresser I've had since I was 6. Yay for not be wasteful and all that but I'd like a grown-up version.

  2. I learn so much from you! I've never heard of this "hollywood regency" thing. It isn't my style, but I do love that woodland collection. And, I look forward to seeing your shop update tomorrow!

    I know it isn't easy to do what you are doing- tying your updates and blog posts to a theme this way...big kudos to you! It's interesting and different- and appreciated :) Hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. I really love the second and last one!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!


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