Monday shop update!

I can't believe it's already February! It's almost that dreaded tax time again. But before that of course is the V day, and here are some mid century items I just listed in the shop that might be a great gift for you or your love one. Hope everyone is having a great Monday and start of the new month!

vintage Noritake Primastone stoneware oval serving platter with geometric design

vintage Kodak 35 with original leather case - SOLD

vintage perpetual desk calendar (no.20)

collection of 3 handcarved wooden animals elephant owl duck


  1. Ooh- awesome goodies! Love the print and camera, and now I'm off to find out what a pantograph is. A device for drawing pants is probably not the correct answer...

  2. That camera sold quickly. I like the print a lot. This is a great collection for home decorating.

  3. Beautiful stuff, as usual! You're so good at finding amazing housewares!